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LeBron really has nothing left to prove to the international basketball community. He has already put his body under a great deal of stress playing in 10 NBA seasons and playing for USA basketball in two Olympic Games. Who will be the new face of USA basketball?
@happyrock I think he's going to do everything possible to be seen as equal to Jordan. I also feel like he is doing everything possible to get rid of that "villain" image that was created from the decision, and helping USA Basketball win another gold would definitely help!
@JohnLee really? I don't think he'll come back. It's time for him to pass the torch for USA basketball
javale mcgee i would love to see some of these moves during the olympics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f69IDWEyBek
Ehh... I have a feeling he will come back for the 2016 Olympics... One more gold medal will be too enticing to him...