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At first, I thought Lambo was annoying as hell. He never listens, and ALWAYS gets himself into trouble which in turn, causes trouble for everyone else and guess what??!! That still hasn't changed! Even so, I have really grown to love his character dearly. Even though he is a loudmouth, goofy troublemaker, he really tries his best to help when he can.
Major Armstrong
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
I mean come on, need a really say anything? You all know... His flashy entrances, the way his shirt always pops off... You can't not love this flashy/goofy dude!
Guy Sensei
He's brilliantly strong and always in it to compete with everyone (especially Kakashi) yet he's as loyal as it comes to protecting his students and fellow comrades. Biggest thing though that gets me with Guy and makes him one of the goofiest of all, his emotions. He is a cry baby if I've ever seen one.
Shin Chan
Shin Chan
I haven't watched Shin Chan in so long but I can just remember how ridiculous he is. I...I cant even with him....I'd be going on for days. Hahaha!! (:
Hope you all enjoyed!
Tagging some nakama..
@KurosakiJess lol I wish I had a shirt for every anime character haha!! That's all I ever find myself wearing everyday is anime shirts or hoodies lol. But I don't have an Ed and Al shirt, now I'm jealous!! But I do have an Ed n Al tattoo, unfinished though 馃槖haha
Love them all xD great choices
Hold...it...in 馃槀 haha
Gotta...stay....calm 馃槀馃槀
I feel as though you have a shirt for everyone.. Haha @LuffyNewman I was wearing my shirt with Ed and Al on it when I posted this!
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