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so I got to go to Kcon this year and it was absolutely amazing! even though we were all the way in the back the performances we still beautiful!
so we go there friday, kinda late so we couldn't walk around the convention to much! but that concert was truly surreal! seventeen killed it! Aliee slayed! btob was so much fun! crush was so handsome and so soothing! dynamic duo had me hyped as hell! (sorry for the poor quality pictures)
so we definitely got there early on Saturday and it was definitely a lot more people! we first went to the danakadan and juncurryann panel! and then we got some albums ( even though they ran out of bts merch) the concert was so hyped up! first came out mamamoo and they played on my favorite song! (all of there songs are my favorite tbh) moonbuyl was so beautiful!! Eric nam slayed! boy he can sing but he is still so goofy! Day6 is such an amazing band! they brought the house down! and they didn't a special stage with mamamoo singing g wonder girls "nobody"! finally the biggest event of the night BTS!!! they came out with "Fire" and the whole place blew up! went they started "Save me" I literally started crying! of course they did "Fun boys"!! I hoped the play cypher and they DID! the place was so lit!!all of there English is really cute!! they ended it with "Dope" and there dance got me in awe!!
made a little mash up of bts performance! (sorry for the screaming!)
this is all of the performances! I am truly so blessed and so happy I had a chance to visit Kcon! next year is going to be even bigger!!
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it wasnt Attack on Bangtan it was Fun Boys