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Hey Guys!!! This week had been super exciting for me, not only did I attend Kcon NY 2016 and see so many great performances but a couple of days before I got to see Seventeen in person literally 4 Ft. away!!! Let me just say that they are heavenly in person, absolutely perfect. When I found out they were in Time Sq I ran out of my house at 9:48 PM (I live 30 minutes from Time Sq) and went looking for them. I was looking for least an hr and let me just say as I was about to give up and go home, there they were! I'm super disappointment that in my shock I took really shitty photos but their faces are imprinted in my mind forever and I got to see them perform at Kcon!!!! (Videos coming soon!)
When DK is your bias and this is the best pic I got. Joshua and Mingyu behind DK and Jun has his back turned.
I see you looking Woozi :)
Seungkwan caught me lol ๐Ÿ˜‚ I was trying to be sneaky. But that eye contact tho, I definitely said hi he was shy. Can we talk about what he bought at Victoria secret tho lol
Woozi and Mingyu
Minghao telling Vernon to look at something
Jun is super tall in person.. like he seemed taller than mingyu
Jun and DK in the striped shirt
The height difference between Jun and Woozi, so cute!
Juns bare face
I can't believe the really just walked the street of NYC not thinking they were famous here. I'm so happy I was able to see them the first time they came to NYC. They are too cute.
Ahhhh best week of my life!! Thank you!@IsoldaPazo I didn't take too much pictures and only followed them for a block at a distance. I wanted them to enjoy their time in Ny!
yayyyyy omo so happy you got to see them and pictures whether blurry or not are always appreciated