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Can you name an anime for each letter of the alphabet?
A-Assassination Classroom, Another B-Black Butler, Brothers conflict C-Chobits D-D. N Angel, Diabolic Lovers E-Earl and Fairy F-Fruits Basket, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Food Wars G-Gakuen Alice H-H2O- footprints in the sand I-Inu x Boku J-Jinki K-Kamisama Hajimemashita, Karin, Kimi no todoke, Kiniri no cordo L-Lovely Complex M-Mermaid Melody, My future diary, My little monster, Marchen awakens romance N-Naruto, No game no life, Nana O-Ouran Host Club, Otomen P-Pandora Hearts Q-Queens blade R-Rio Rainbow Gate, Romeo x Juliet S-Say I Love You, Skip beat, Special A, Sword art online, Shiki, Shugo Chara T-The Wallflower, Toradora, Tokyo Ghoul U-UFO V-Vampire Night W-Wolf girl and black prince X-X Y-Yumiero patisserie, Your lie in April Z-Zenki
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A - Assassination Classroom B - Black Butler C - Card Fight!! D - Dance with Devils E - Endride F - Food Wars! G - Gintama H - Howls Moving Castle I - InuYasha J - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure K - Kamisama Kiss L - Love Stage M - Maid Sama N - Nijiiro Days O - One Punch Man P - Princess Jellyfish Q - Queens Blade R - RWBY S - Sakamoto Desu Ga T - Tokyo Ghoul U - Uta No Prince Sama V - Vampire Knight W - Wolf Girl & Black Prince X - xxxHOLiC Y - Yona of the Dawn Z - Z/X : Ignition
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@AimeBolanos B - BWBY
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