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It's amazing how much happier this one person can make me. I'm not going to go full fangirl and say that he makes me happy because he's my husband. But just knowing that Daehyun is out there, performing, doing what he loves makes me happy. B.A.P are all known for being badass at first glance then dorks immediately after and Daehyun is no stranger to that. Hell, on Ta-Dah! they had to put a mask on him to keep him from talking. And although I've only been with B.A.P for 7 months, I can see so much in improvement in Daehyun. Young Wild and Free was my first mv I was around for. I wasn't part of the fandom yet, I didn't know all their names yet, but I did watch it when it came out. Let's just say I immediately went and researched them, learned all of their names. Youngjae caught my eye at first because One Shot was the first actual mv I saw of them and I thought he was cute then I saw 1004 and was even more attracted to him. And then Badman came along. Daehyun stole my heart right away. I went back to the other two and wondered why I never noticed him before. This Busan boy stole my heart. And although he thinks he needs to improve a lot, I hope he'll realize he's already amazing.
So the point of this post is to wish Jung Daehyun a very happy birthday as he turns 23. Let's hope he has many more to come.