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Ok so lately I have slowly found myself sucked deeper in the fabulous world of Korean Idol FanFics. To be honest, I never would have though about reading them. I did once because of an awesome vingle friend @AgentLeo recommending me to read their fanfic they had written with VIXX. And it was a shipping of Leo and Ravi. But I had stopped after that one because it was so good plus didn't know where else I could look to find more good ones like that.
Well I am wanting to do a survey and see which kpop group/shipping couple should I write about?
I know for sure I am wanting to write a Wontaek fanfic. But if there are any others that you guys would like for me to write I will take them all into heart and try my best to produce a good story plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat.
These are a few i have thought of:
1. Eunhae / Hyukhae: Eunhyuk x Donghae
2. Yunjae: Yunho x Jaejoong
3. JongBin: Lee Jong Suk x Kim Woo Bin
4. Jongkey: Jonghyun x Key
5. 2Min: Taemin x Minho
6. KhunYoung: NichkhunxWooYoung
You guys can add others too.
Wish me good luck
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@Kpland1122 means a lot as a writer!!
@Kpland1122 i can totally help you if you need!
@AgentLeo I would love that
Jongkey, please tag me in it when you write, Good Luck!!!