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Or Magical Girl Apocalypse in English. Do you enjoy horror genre manga? You'll enjoy this one. It's gory so brace yourself. It revolves around this dude named Kogami Kii. He's just an average high schooler who's grown bored with normal everyday life. It's not exciting at all. One day in the middle of class, he looks out the window and sees his teacher talking to a strangely dressed girl. All of a sudden the girl hits his teacher's head and it explodes! Did that really just happen or is he seeing things? He ends up going to the bathroom to cool his head. What he saw couldn't have been real, but when he gets back to the classroom, he finds himself in a sea of carnage. His classmates are either dead or dying. And at the center of it all, that same strange little girl who killed his teacher. This is only the first chapter! And it just gets crazier from there. There isn't an anime adaptation yet, but in due time, there will be.
@Animefreak484 it's Mahou Shoujou of the end
I'm gonna read this what's the non-english name
This has been a great read. I just need to catch up to the recent chapters.
I'm reading this alr