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Annyeong! it's me Taemi! As you know, here at KpopINT, we are releasing fanfics every week! This week, it's my turn to share with you guys my story, Bad Love. Main Characters: Reader x BTS Suga Other Characters: BTS Ailee VIXX Ravi I really hope you guys enjoy reading my story! This story is about a love-hate relationship between the reader and Yoongi :) Trust me it's going to keep getting more interesting! So this is chapter 1, Happy reading! :)


We hated each other All he did was bully me All I did was cry every night Then I thought, do Min Yoongi like me? If so he has a funny way of showing it. One minute he hates me Then he wants to protect me One minute he tells me he loves me Then he goes behind my back to talk bad about me Since when did my heart start to beat for him? The guy I aways hated... When did we become like this? This is bad love...

Chapter 1:

-Hate is a Strong Word, But I hate him- 》Your POV 《 I hated Min Yoongi ever since the 2nd grade. He is the definition of evil. He has caused me so much pain and humiliation all through elementary, middle, and half of high school. He has pulled my hair, talked negatively about me to everyone, pushed me, Threw things at me, stole from me, and even framed me for the bad things he did! I felt like why have I been the bad sparkle in his eyes? What have I ever done to him? Nothing. To him, I was just a floor mat he can walk all over.  It's like I couldn't get away from this guy. It feels like fate because he is always in one of my classes. Since we are in high school now, his abuse towards me has somewhat died down. 》Yoongi's POV 《 Y/n? Yeah that stupid plain girl. I knew her since the 2nd grade. It's always fun to bother her, it's rather more hilarious! I don't know what's wrong with me but I just like bothering her alot. I bother other girls but y/n is the girl I like to tease the most. I think she hates me but I don't care. Well I'm starting to get sick of seeing her face and it's starting to get boring being in her face. We just became seniors. I really hope that she won't be in any of my classes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It's a new year, you and Yoongi are seniors in high school now. You both have your schedules, ready to go find your 1st hour class. You're in your first hour class, English. You seem excited to get started. Suddenly, Min Yoongi walks into the classroom. You turn your head and see him. Your smile quickly disappears. Your eyes met with his. "Omg not her! I have to look at her face again? Ha!" Yoongi says inside as he smirks at you and sits down in his seat. You thought, "damn not this evil bastard, I'm not going to let him ruin my last year, not on my watch!".

To be Continued....

Well did you guys like it? What did you think? Comment down below! It's pretty short but chapter 2 is going to be longer than this. Trust me, chapter 2 is going to be lit!!! I can't wait to show you guys the next time! This story is going to get more juicy, you'll see :) Thank you for taking the time to read my story, please look forward to the next chapter. Annyeong!♡

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how about 2 parts a week ,YOU KILLING ME HERE
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