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Okay so I'm pretty bad about keeping up with this challenge but hey sometimes I live life outside of the interwebs...sometimes...
Anyways on to Day 9: Favorite Anime Villain: Hands down Korosensei!!! He is such an likable villain from the start, it was hard for me to swallow that he was the target of the kid's assassination. I knew something had to be up, something more to the story as to why he had to blow up the Earth.
Because he was just too damn likeable to hate! The way he didn't look down at the E-class but instead nurtured them in their studies, their lives and their assassination skills. He loved those kids and you can tell from the start, that this wasn't just some job to him, but he was their teacher, their target and dam it, he was gonna do his job right and he was gonna do it over the top. Like how his way of retaliation was to groom his students or how his guidebooks where thicker than a dictionary! He sincerely cared about these kids even though he knew they would be the death of him one day....