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Gamer do you game? To impress guys or to enjoy the game? Do guys flirt online? Leave a comment below
I game to enjoy the game, screw flirting. Just like you @LittleAika I don't want their stupid freebies, I want the satisfaction of earning the items and gear myself.
...sometimes I play with my clothes off because I am in my own home talking to no one, I don't use my mic because I don't wanna talk to the many jerk bags on shooter games. Any guy who flirts on a online game has no game. 馃槉
thank you to whoever posted this! I dont go around gaming in my undies馃槀馃槀jeez
I'm a guy and @LittleAika I know exactly what you're talking about. I couldn't tell you how many times guys try to flirt with me purely because my name (Alletaire) seems feminine to them. Kinda pisses me off to be honest considering if they read my bio it'd be pretty obvious I'm a dude.
My game names are usually masculine or gender ambiguous. Because I just want to game, no flirting, and I pretend to be a male player because if they know you're a girl, either male players will flirt, or give you freebies (items, gears) and heck I want to play and earn my rank by my own efforts and hate to be spoiled =_=; Only guys who know my real identity are my guildmates of 5 years. On the sidenote, I game like both right and left, because it gets really hot here in the tropics and sometimes really cold too during monsoon season.
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