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Okay so as everyone know we have been doing appreciation cards everyday for Ikon and 5 days for winner. Well we have Monday and Sunday back up for grabs I don't know what happened to the person I had doing Monday's card which is why I am doing it today. Also Sunday which is Chanwoo needs to be covered since his card hasn't been done but twice.. So if anyone would like to join and do weekly appreciation cards just let me know okay ^_^ So Monday - Jinhwan ( Needs Someone) Tuesday - Yunhyeong ( Me but if you would like since I do Saturday also) And Sunday - Chanwoo ( Needs someone)
* Starts crying *
We love you too Jinhwan * still crying*
@PrettieeEmm I can't stand seeing ikon or winner cry like I automatically start crying with them lol
@xoxorittie you always do ^_^
@Sammie99522 😂😘 Thanks. I need to come up with some good ideas
@xoxorittie 😘 me too lol 😂😂😂
@Sammie99522 I'm excited not gonna lie 😂
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