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Who: ReaderxHaven't decided yet. What: Action/ Romance (Mature content) Some guest appearances by BTS and GOT7 Chapter 6 Story: In a post apocalyptic world, you lead a rescue mission to save your older brother Junmyeon from the clutches of Baekhyun the Light King. With the help of your commrads you lead a rebellion that will hopefully bring this tyrant King to his knees.
Yoongi's POV "What do you want?" I said sleepy. They had interrupted my sleeping and for that I was frowning down at them. We had to have known each other at least the girl and I because she called me by my name. The two behind her looked familiar too I think my guards knew them. She looked up at me with an amused smile on and that annoyed me. The men that had come in with her were looking away. "What?" "You're very naked my King." I looked down at myself and saw that I had moved the blanket a bit too much off of me. She stepped up anyway making her way up the steps, as she came to me I began to cover myself with the blanket. She sat down on the bed shifting her body so she could look at me. She placed her hand on my chin and gave me a charming smile. "Sweet Yoongi it has been a while since we've last seen each other. I'm afraid our Kingdoms are not on great speaking terms. You're forgiven for not remembering me." "I don't recall asking for forgiveness from someone like you." She simply chuckled but when her eyes looked at me again they were glowing orange, like fire had been in them. My eyes narrowed on her and she said, "It would be better if you were nicer to me. We have the same enemy after all. The Light Kingdom needs to be destroyed and we could use your help to do it." "Why should I help you?" "Like I said we have the same enemy. It'd only nice but don't worry I came baring gifts." she said. She stood up and The blonde one threw a phone at her. She caught it without flinching and then she sat back down on my bed. She scrolled through a few things and handed me the phone. What I saw wasn't just a plot against me but every Kingdom in the world. "The Kingdoms rally is coming soon, both you and Baekhyun have a large amount of men but taking on every Kingdom at the same time seems like a suicide mission, that is until you realize that slowly he's pitting one Kingdom against another only to watch them fall and be in his debt." "A king to rule all Kingdoms." I said realizing Baekhyun's gain in all of this. "He wants your land, Jungkook's resources, Namjoon's wealth. You'd think with everything thing he has it'd be enough but enough is never truly enough for Baekhyun. He needs it all. He's got all kinds of records of the things you've been doing against the other Kingdoms. Stealing is really beneath you Yoongi." "That bastard, how could he have gotten that information?" "Spies is my guest, he really likes them." "What do you need from me?" I asked. "Men, and lots of them. We're going to storm the Light Kingdom the day of the Kingdoms rally." She said with a confident smirk. There was more to the plan than she was telling me but I couldn't risk the other Kingdoms finding out what I had been doing. Trading and stealing secrets to one another, it was a toxic business that was going to catch up with me eventually but because of these things I was able to stay in power of my own Kingdom. "My men are at your command, Phoenix." By the time I saw her eyes glow, I had figured it out; she looked a little surprised in the eyes but she smiled like she was impressed that I had known. She bowed her head thanking me and taking back her phone before she descended back to the boys she came in with. "I'll send word when I need them." she said before walking out of the door. I feel as though I've made a dangerous deal with a dangerous person. For my sake, my men better come through. Baekhyun's POV I had been watching the fight for a while now. I simply stared down at these young weaklings wrestling with each other to survive. They were bloodied and beaten badly by each other and any normal day this would've been entertaining but I was waiting for the moment that someone would tell me they found her. Of course I knew it wouldn't be easy but she had to have been using something to break the encryption on our data. Some sort of hit, a signal anything should've come up by now but no word of anything and I was starting to get more annoyed. The plan still had to work though, pitting Jungkook's Kingdom against Yoongi's Kingdom. Then which ever one I had enough dirt on I would get Namjoon's Kingdom to go after them. It was far easier to watch men tare each other apart then it was to do it yourself. Weakening Yoongi's Kingdom seemed to be the best solution but now I was wondering; if they hadn't found her outside the Kingdom, would she have gone to the Bear King? I was about to dismiss the theory when Jongin appeared behind me. He whispered in my ear and said, "She was spotted by one of your spies in the forest of the Bear Kingdom. They believe she's going to see the Bear King." "You've found her now capture and bring her here. If you have to kill someone to do it I won't care." He nodded and began to leave. She went to get his help, I'm sure of it. She was starting to piss me off and I was beginning to feel like I shouldn't show her any mercy. Y/N's POV Yoona sending us the data Baekhyun was going to use during the Kingdom's Rally had come at the best possible time. That was enough to get Yoongi on the Rebels side which means we were one step closer to taking out Baekhyun. Suddenly, the plane was struck by lightning and all systems began to fail. It was too sudden for Tao to stop time and before I knew it we had crashed. When I opened my eyes my head was pounding, blood was dripping down my head and I could see Tao and Chanyeol laying on the ground unconscious. I looked up to see Mark limp against the seat Jackson had just woken up, as I began to crawl towards Chanyeol calling his name weakly. I looked down at my side when I felt a sharp pain, seeing some piece of metal stuck inside me. "Mark?" I heard Jackson say weakly. "Jackson." "Crap Y/N you're bleeding everywhere." he said turning back to me. "Get him out of here I'll wake up the others." "You can't do it alone." "Jackson you and I both know these guys have powers way beyond what you can comprehend. So for the last time take Mark and go, that's an order!" He looked reluctant to leave but he nodded and mustered up enough strength to wrap Marks arm around his and get out of the pieces of debris. I made my way to Chanyeol still calling out his name. I was in a lot of pain and the more I moved the more tears began to build in my eyes making Chanyeol and Tao look blurry. "Chan." I cried. I could see through the blurriness that Chanyeol's fingers began to twitch. I called his name again and I heard him groan. I had finally reached him and got myself to sit up. I sat up and grabbed his hand begging him to wake up. His eyes slowly opened to see me, he was bleeding himself, blood ran down his head like mine. I looked to Tao, he was still out, "You need to go, get Tao and go." I told him. "Y/N what the hell, you're bleeding. You'll die out here we can take you back we can get Yixing to heal you." "Do not argue with me right now Chanyeol take him and go." "I'm not leaving you here." "Would you rather us all die?" I said raising my voice.. He huffed and kissed me, nothing long and lingering, even he knew we didn't have that kind if time. He got up as quick as he could but I could see him wincing as he moved. He carried Tao on his back but then laid him down on the broken back of the seat. He lifted me and laid me next to him. I realized what he was doing, he grabbed the seatbelt and I wrapped my arm around Tao to keep him steady. Jackson wasn't that far ahead of us Chanyeol said he'd stopped moving, he was cradling Mark and I could hear sobs. I closed my eyes begging that he wasn't crying for that reason. "He's dead." I heard Mark say. The ground began to shake suddenly and I pulled Tao closer to me while I looked around. The same guy with the fingerless gloves from yesterday was shaking the ground. Normally, Chanyeol could hold his ground but he was weak from the crash and he fell to his knees. I started hovering out of nowhere and Chanyeol grabbed my arm to pull me back. I turned to see the one called Luhan raising his hands, that's right he was a telepath. A flash of lightning hit Chanyeol making him break his hold. "Chanyeol!" I screamed. As I was being lifted over to them, I looked at Jackson still crying over Mark, he was dead. Chanyeol was bleeding more; his arm now covered in his own blood, his flesh slightly black from being burned. Tao was laying down still unconscious and everything in me seemed to snap in a much different way than when I was pushed off the roof. I was crying and I could feel my body heat up. Once again flames erupted from my body, I could see everyone below me was blown back, fire spewing everywhere. I had lost control. In this moment, I was now clear of who my enemies were. I looked to Mark and said, "Rise from your ashes." Mark was engulfed in flames and Jackson moved back looking in awe as he watched Mark being covered in flames. Jackson and Chanyeol both screamed at me to stop but I didn't listen. Mark wasn't even burning, they hadn't noticed it. I turned attacking the other two. The one with fingerless gloves lifted the ground to shield himself and Luhan. I had spread fire out hotter than fire should be able to get. He had to let down his barrier, it was getting hard for him to breathe. He probably felt like he was baking. "Kyungsoo!" The lightning wilder screamed. I turned to him and raised fire in his direction but suddenly Jongin had grabbed onto him and pulled him out of the way. Figures he'd show up just as I was about to kill one of them. "You will pay for your what you've done." This honestly wasn't me, it was the thoughts and behavior of the Phoenix or perhaps I had tapped into its power and at the same time it released how I was truly feeling. How I was truly feeling right now, I wanted them dead. I had caught Luhan in fire as he was checking up on Kyungsoo. He screamed, the flames too hot for him to handle. For a moment, I didn't care, for a moment, I liked that he was screaming in pain. "Y/N stop!" I heard. I looked to see Jongin. He had snapped me back enough to where I had let Luhan live. He must've had enough time to recharge because as I came down to the ground slowly he'd grabbed onto the other members and teleported out. Before I could reach the ground, I was so exhausted I had passed out. I could hear Chanyeol speaking to someone, "Pick us up damn it!" Everything felt so hot.
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