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HEY HEY HEY EVERYONE! Here is Chapter 10 of my Fanfic! Enjoy! :) I know I usually put the next chapter on WattPad first and then Vingle the next day but since I haven't updated this story in a while, I decided to upload them on the same day ^-^


Y/N POV It's been weeks since I've last talked to Jackson. I've been getting texts messages from him throughout it all but I haven't responded to any of them. I was hurt. Very hurt about all this. He would come by my apartment too. His knocking becoming more desperate by the moment. I knew eventually I would have to see him and talk to him. It hurt too much just thinking about what happened weeks ago. Every time I go to sleep, all my mind could think of was that he had a girlfriend all along while he flirted with me. He is just like the rest of the guys out there. Don't get me wrong, I know their are good guys, it just takes time to find them. "Y/N?" I heard I looked up from my seat and noticed that Ariana was standing in front of me. I looked around and saw that I was in class. Wow, I must have dosed off to not notice I was in class the whole time. "Y/N, are you okay? You seem a bit off lately" She responded  I looked up at her to see the concern in her face. "I-I'm fine. Just haven't been sleeping very well" I reply "Why is that? Have you not been feeling good?" She said "Yeah...I haven't been feeling too good at all lately" I respond I wanted to get out of class and go home already but totally forgot I won't be able to since I have work afterwards. Today will be the first day of work. It came by so fast but was excited. Ariana sat down but kept looking back at me asking me if I was really okay or she would take me to the nurse's office. I shook my head to let her know I was fine.
JACKSON'S POV I haven't been able to sleep. Y/N has been ignoring me for weeks and it's driving me crazy. I've tried to knock at her door but she won't answer me, not even my messages. She's been hanging out alot with Ariana and God knows what she's been telling her. JB has been in my case alot since I haven't been able to concentrate in anything we're doing. I'm a mess. "Jackson, you need to get out of this room. It's not healthy" Mark tells me I didn't want to talk to anyone. Just wanted to be left alone. Knowing mark, he won't leave until he sees progress in me. Mark sat down at the edge of my bed waiting for me to get up. I was annoyed but I knew he was doing this to look out for me. I got up and went straight to the showers. Once I got out, I wrapped the towel around my waist and walked back into my room and in the closet to pick out my clothes. Mark was still there sitting down on the bed but he was looking at his phone. "Ok I'm up and clean. Are you happy Mark?" I say to him making him look up from his phone He smiled and came up towards me. "Good. And yes, I am. The others will also be glad to see you up from your bed. Now c'mon let's go eat" He responds I sighed but followed him out to the living room. Everyone was saying hi and how they we're glad to see me out of bed. I gave them all a half smile but they knew how I was really feeling. JB finally got the hint that I really cared and liked Y/N alot so he backed off. Glad to know he won't be making moves on her. **** Mark and I walked down the street with our masks on so that we wouldn't be recognized. He had mentioned he's been wanting to go try out this new restaurant he saw. We made our way over to the restaurant and the lady noticed who we we're so she took us to the far end where we wouldn't be seen. She took our order and said she would be back with our food. "Still haven't been able to talk to her?" Mark says breaking the silence "No.." I respond back "I see. She'll come around when she's ready jackson. Just be patient" "It's been weeks Mark, how long does she need?" I respond "Jackson. She thinks you've been playing her since you've met. You flirted with her while behind her back you had a "girlfriend". What do you expect?" "But it's not true Mark!" I say "I know it's not Jackson but she doesn't know that. You won't tell her the truth so it's not her fault that she's being like this with you" He was right. She didn't know and I won't tell her the truth. I'm afraid if I did, she wont love me for who I really am and end up being with someone who loves me for the money and Ariana. I don't want a repeat. Except right now that bitch came back and ruined everything. "I know.." Was all I said looking down at the table The lady came with our food and drinks and left leaving Mark and I alone again. I didn't have much of an appetite but tried to eat what I could so I wouldn't worry mark. "You do know she works at the library right?" Mark says before taking a bite of his food I looked up at him with my eyes wide open. "No...I didn't know" "Well she does. I bumped into her while I was looking for a book. We talked for a bit but then she had to get back to work so I left" He said "Oh..H-How is she?" I ask taking small bites of my food He looked at me with a smile. "Why don't you go look for yourself" He says taking out a book from his back pocket "You can turn this in for me while your there. Gives you an excuse to go see her" He continued while placing the book in the middle of the table I looked at the book thinking if I should go. She can't ignore me there and won't be able to leave. It's the perfect plan... I grabbed the book and placed it in my back pocket. "I think I will go...I mean you are too busy and need to turn this in before it's late right?" I say to him "Right" Mark says laughing in between chewing his food. This gave me a small hope that she will be able to let me talk to her without running off. We finished off our food, which I will say was very good. Mark made a really good choice in coming here. Mark payed for both our meals which I thanked him for and walked outside the restaurant. "Alright well I'm gonna head back to the apartment. Good luck!" He says I nodded and walked the opposite way.
Y/N POV Finally was off school but had to go to work. Once I made it, I opened up the library and went inside. I was alone today at the library. Apparently my Co worker wasn't feeling well so he stayed home leaving me to do everything by myself. Ariana texted me a few minutes ago asking if she can stay over at my place for a few days since hers was being renovated. She didn't want to stay at some hotel so she asked me if she can stay with me and that she would help out with rent while she stays. I didn't want to but then again, she is my friend so I said yes. She was super happy about it, she kept talking about how we we're gonna have so much fun. She also said she was bringing someone. She mentioned he would be great for me. Me: HE?!?!?! What do you mean He???? Are you trying to set me up with someone?!?!?!?! Ariana: Yes! He! And he is super cute and adorable! I'm sure you both will hit it off. Please please do this! As your best friend you will try! I sighed but was curious as to who the guy is. I don't think I can do this since I still have feelings for Jackson... oh fuck it, he has a girlfriend so why am I here killing myself. Me: Okay fine I'll do it. What time? I get off work at 6pm today since my Co worker is sick and couldn't make it. Ariana: Yes! Thank you! You wont regret it when you meet him! Let's make it 7pm so you can get a chance to shower and get ready! I'll bring food and we can all pick a movie! Me: Oh my God, what did I get myself into.... And okay sounds good to me. Gotta go, I need to put books away... I placed my phone in my back pocket and dragged the cart full of books that needed to be placed back in their spot. I heard the door open and the bell ring at the front counter. "Ah, someone needs my assistance" I say to myself "How can I help yo-" I say as my smile soon fell down and not finishing my sentence. A sharp pain in my chest appeared once I saw him standing their looking at me. "J-Jackson. W-what are you doing here?" I say "I-I came to turn this in...It's mark's book" He responded Mark...I'm gonna kill you "Oh. Why didn't he bring-" "He was busy and couldn't do it so he asked me to turn it in for him" He responded cutting me off. My heart was pounding faster and faster with the way he kept looking at me. "You can place it in the drop box in front of you. I'll check it in before I leave" I say as I started to walk back to the cart with books. "Wait Y/N. Please" He says I didn't listen and kept walking only to soon hear his footsteps behind me. "Jackson, I'm busy right no-" "STOP AVOIDING ME DAMNIT!" He says cutting me off, grabbing my arm pinning me to the book shelf facing him. He took me by surprise. My eyes we're wide opened. I saw a vein popping out on his neck. He was furious yet his eyes gave a gentle feeling and sad vibe. "I'm sorry...I'm sorry. I didn't mean to yell but I couldn't control it anymore. I haven't seen or spoken to you in weeks and it's been driving me crazy Y/N" He says looking at me. His bottom lip was shaking and I could tell he was at the urge of tearing up. I took a deep breath, trying to get over the fact he was close to me and touching me. I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. Those eyes that I can easily get lost into. "What do you want Jackson?.." I managed to say without choking "To talk. I just want to talk to you" He replied I sighed again looking away from him and then meeting up with us eyes again. "Okay. So talk. What do you want to talk about then hmm?" I respond Jackson let go of my arm but didn't move from his position. He got closer to me in which our faces we're getting closer by the minute. My body tingled at the sensation of his closeness to me. He placed his head on my forehead and closed his eyes. "I. I miss you Y/N. Please stop running away and avoiding me. It hurts too much" He says I felt a wet drop fall on my cheek. Without moving my head, I looked up to see he was tearing up. I closed my eyes taking in his smell. It made me want to hug him so tight. He looked so fragile right now. But why...he has a girlfriend yet he's here with me. What's going on? "Stop...Jackson don't. You have a girlfriend, why do you keep doing this to me? Stop playing with me!" I respond a tear forming in my eyes "I'm not playing you Y/N!" He says a little loud picking his forehead away from mine He started pacing back and forth in front of me. "Then what are you doing?!?! You tell me these things while you and Ariana are together! What's going on? Are you not happy with her or something?!!?!" I whisper yell at him "It's not that!" "Then what is it jackson! I can't read minds you know!" I say losing my patience. "I-I can't tell you" He says as he finally stops and looks at me "You can't tell me? Or is it you won't tell me. Is this some kind of game to you or something because I don't like games or being toyed with. I am not going back to that aga-" I stopped myself from going any further on that response. Jackson looked at me curiously. Shit. I almost said it all. "What we're you going to say?...Again? Y/N...we're you toyed with before?" He says walking towards me I flinched and put my hands up in front of me asking him not to get any closer. "Forget that last part. I don't want to talk about it." "Y/N..." "You should leave now. I have books to put away before I leave home and get things ready for your girlfriend" I say "What? What do you mean?" "She's staying with me for a few days until her place is done being renovated." I respond looking away from him "Were gonna have a movie night. I thought it would be just her and me but apparently she had to set me up with someon-" "What!' He yelled out "Shhhhhh!" I say covering his mouth "We're in a library don't forget that!" I whisper yelled He took my hands off his mouth so he can speak. "She set you up with someone? Who?" He says "Idk, she said I'll meet him tonight" "Are you gonna meet him?" "Well I have no choice seeing as he's going to my place" I saw him clench his hands to a fist. Omo, is he jealous? Does he have feelings for me? But he has a girlfriend... "I don't think you should see him. What if he's some kind of kidnapper or something." "Pff please, I didn't know you either and you didn't turn out to be a kidnapper." *phone vibrates* I pulled my phone out to see a message from Ariana. My face fell when I read what she had sent me. Ariana: Hey Y/N, so I won't be able to make it to movie night but my friend will be there. He said he'll be there around 7ish. I'm so sorry, but I got held up at work. Hope you have fun with my friend. I'm positive your gonna like him. Just don't freak out when you see him Great. She's leaving me alone with the guy. "What happened? Everything okay?" Jackson said "Apparently Ariana won't be making it to movie night since she is stuck at work." I responded " what the big deal with that" "The big deal is that now I'm gonna be alone with the guy she set me up with" I respond "Your not planning on going through with it are you?" He says "I can't just cancel now. He already gave me a time on when he's gonna arrive at my place" I responded I started walking to the cart with the books and placed them to their correct shelves. Jackson was following behind me telling me that it wasn't a good idea, he may be a bad guy and so on. "Okay Jackson." I say as I turned to look at him "You need to be straight up with me right now because I am so confused." I continued He looked at me all nervous. "Do you like me or something? Is that why your acting like this?" I say to him Oh my God, I can't believe that came out of my mouth Jackson stood their in shock. Not knowing what to say. "Of course I like you but not the way you may be thinking of" He responded "Then why are you like this with me? Why do you keep getting close to me, telling me you can't be away from me, why did you kiss me!" I said back I didn't know what the hell was going on with him but I was sick of how he was treating me. He has a girlfriend yet he keeps getting close to me wanting to be around me as if he had feelings for me. His response hurt me bad. A mixture of hurt and anger appeared. It sure as hell feels like he's toying with me and I'm not gonna let that happen to me...not again. "Answer me Jackson! No lying, no saying that you can't tell me. I want a straight up answer right now or help me God I-" "Okay!" He whisper yells "I did have a girlfriend the moment I first met you. I did flirt with you while being with Ariana. I did all that because....because I started to have feelings for you too!" I stood their frozen with his sudden outburst. I didn't know what to do or say after that. "I know I shouldn't have done that Y/N. But I couldn't help it when I saw you. I can't leave Ariana because... because I have feeling for her too." He says mumbling The way he said the last part made me flinch. It felt like he didn't really mean it. "Jackson, you and I can't ever happen. I won't run or avoid you anymore, but we can only stay as friends. That's it. Please stop trying to make moves on me, getting close to me, saying sweet things because it's please...I need you to leave so I can do my job" This was all too much for me to handle. He confessed that he did have feelings for me...but he also has them for Ariana. "Y/N.." "Jackson please...Go" I say He sighed and walked out the door leaving me speechless.
*After Work* It was finally time for me to head home. I was exhausted. I cleaned up everything and made sure no one was still here before locking up. Once that was done, I grabbed my things and locked the door and walked to my apartment. I got home, unlocked the door and went straight to the showers. I noticed that I had about 30 minutes before my blind date got here. Once I was done showering, I decided to go with a blue tank top and black leggings. I threw on a white cardigan, blow dried my hair and straightened it. Next, I went to the living room to clean up a bit, then headed to the kitchen to make popcorn when I heard the door bell ring. Oh my God, he's here! Okay, okay calm down. It's just a guy and your just gonna be watching a movie. That's all...I mean how bad can it be.... "Coming!" I yell out I checked my phone to see what time it was. It was 7pm. He was right on time. I also noticed I had a text message from Jackson. Jackson: I'm sorry for my sudden outburst earlier. Didn't mean to freak you out. As for your blind date, please be careful...if you need anything I'm one door away, a text away or a call away... God dangit....hitting me with the feels jackson... Me: I'll be fine but thanks for worrying. Got to go, he just arrived. I set my phone down but saw I got a reply back from him Jackson: okay... :( Aish.... I placed my phone down and headed to the door. I opened it up almost fainting as to whom was standing in front of my door... "Hi, you must be Y/N, Ariana's friend right?" He said smiling so big I just nodded with my mouth hung wide open. "Great, so I did get the right address...anywho nice to meet you, my name is Jungkook. Jeon Jungkook" He says continuing smiling with that bunny smile of his that I adore so much. Holy fuck.... My blind date is none other than BTS's Golden Maknae.... Jeon Jungkook.....

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Jackson better stop being such a chicken shit, and tell her! I'm worried about what Ariana to Kookie about Y/N.
I did not see that COMING!!!!
so I know bts but not Got7??? drama lol
@MrsChanyeol Yaaassss it is! 😏😏😏😏 @drummergirl691 😏😈😏😈 @Izzy987 😏 Believe me when I say I too started fangirling while I wrote this 😂 @lalaMF Hehehe thats a good thing. Means I'm doing something right 😂😏 @Jaysbae13 Yup pretty much Lol 😂😂