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“Did you drop the hints?”

“Yes, but they haven’t triggered any of the memories yet.”

“We need them to have those memories, or our plan won’t work.”

“I know sir, I’m sorry. But it’s hard enough procuring actual memories that are forgotten, let alone fake memories that never existed.”

“You made some of the memories true though, right?”

“Yes, I kept her asthma and dyslexia, but added an allergy to cinnamon.”

“Good. It won’t seem as suspicious if some of the memories are true. Be prepared to initiate the next part of the plan as soon as those memories are triggered. We have no time to waste.”

“Yes sir.” I didn’t know how much longer I could take orders from this guy. He was insane, and I didn’t want Cathleen or Jungkook to get hurt. I just had to find a way to get out of this guy’s grasp.

“TAEHYUNG!” I was jerked awake by a huge crash coming from outside our bedroom door. I heard Jungkook grumble as he flipped on to his stomach and covered his head with his pillow. I reluctantly threw off the covers, wincing at the unwelcome cold air.

“Where are you going?” I heard Jungkook’s muffled whine.

“I think I’d better go see what crazy antics Taehyung is up to this early in the morning.”

“Why? You’re dating me not him. Come cuddle with me jagi.”

“You’re so needy this morning,” I chuckled. “While that offer is very difficult to pass up, I’m afraid I’ll have to today.”

“Jagiiiii,” he whined.

“If you want to be with me that badly, then come with me.” He threw me a sleepy glare before giving in and tossing the covers aside. To think I passed up the offer to cuddle with that body.

“You’re staring again jagi,” he smirked. I quickly turned away and began walking towards the door, hiding my red face. I felt his hand on my wrist before being turned around and pushed against the wall. His nose grazed my cheek, his lips centimeters from my ear. “Now, either we can go out there to see what Taehyung has done, which he probably just stole Yoongi’s boxers again, or we can forget what happened out there and go back to bed.” His husky voice sent shivers down my spine. I knew he could feel my lust by the smirk on his face. The heat from his bare torso was radiating on to mine. I pushed down my desires reluctantly, knowing that if Taehyung pulled another stunt, Jin wouldn’t be cooking breakfast, leaving the task to me.

“Jeon Jungkook!” I exclaimed. He pulled away with a pout on his face. “I’m going to make you a bowl of plain, overcooked grits for breakfast if you keep doing this.”

“But jagi, I just want you for breakfast,” he purred.

“Kookie, what is up with you this morning? You’re never this… lusty so early in the morning.”

“I swear it’s the stupid bond’s fault,” he groaned. I followed his grimacing eyes down to a sight I had never seen before.


“What? You think I have control over it?! If anything, I would want it to go away, it hurts like hell.” I could feel some of the pain he was going through with the bond, and I could only imagine how painful it really was.

“I don’t think I’ll be of much help,” I mumbled. He smiled before placing a kiss on my forehead.

“Go ahead and go out there jagi. I’ll be out in a few minutes.” I gave him a nod, my face full of remorse, as I hesitantly opened the door and left him to take care of himself.

He was right. Why didn’t you just ignore what had happened out here and gone back to bed with him. He wasn’t back yet, so it wouldn’t be a good idea to go back to our room. He was probably still preoccupied. But Jin had already started breakfast, and Yoongi had scared Tae enough into giving back his boxers.

“Where’s your Kookie?” Jimin asked when I walked into the living room.

“He’s busy. He’ll be out in a second.”

“Busy? With what?” I felt my face heat up.

“I don’t know. He just said he would come out soon,” I stuttered.

“All we did was ask you what Jungkook was doing. Why are you getting all flustered?” Suga narrowed his eyes.

“I’m just going to go help Jin!” I quickly flew past them and into the kitchen.

“Cathleen! Wait, why is your face all red?” Even Jin was teasing me.

“Aish!” I went back into the living room just as Jungkook showed up.

“Anything exciting happen while I was gone jagi?” Jungkook asked. I immediatley stormed past him, and grabbed his hand.

We’re going back to bed,” I grumbled. I could feel the amusement radiating from him.

“Jagi I was thinking. You know how we always go to that ice cream parlor together, and you always get cinnamon roll ice cream?” We were snuggled in bed, his arm around me and my hand laid on his chest.

“Yeah it’s my favorite.”

“How come you don’t have a reaction to the cinnamon?”

“What kind of reaction? Like an allergic reaction? I’m not allergic to cinnamon.”

“Are you sure?”

“What do you mean am I sure? Of course I’m sure. I’ve never been allergic to cinnamon. Do you not believe me?” He sighed.

“When you were in the hospital, I had more memories come up, and one of them was that you were allergic to cinnamon.”

“But I’m not. That doesn’t make sense. Why would you remember something that’s not true?”

“Maybe you were allergic in the other world, but you’re not in this one.”

“What else did you remember.”

“That you have dyslexia and asthma.”

“Well those are both true.”

“Have you ever thought that maybe none of these memories about the other world are true and someone was messing with us?”

“At this point, I would believe anything is possible. I never thought someone could be bonded with another person like we are, but we are.”

“I feel like this bond makes me want you more,” he growled.

“Maybe you’re just a lusty mess.”

“Yah!” I laughed at the look of horror on his face, before placing a small kiss on his lips.

He quickly flipped over so that he was hovering above me. “Jagi you should know not to tease me like that.” He peppered my neck with light kisses, a soft moan escaping my mouth.

“Kookie no... I’m not ready.” His hand slipped under my shirt and grazed my bare skin. Why wasn’t he stopping? I tried to pull his hand away, but he fought back, his strength overcoming me.

“Jagi don’t be like this.” He cupped my bare breast, his soft kisses growing more intense. He left small love bites on my neck, marking me as his.

“Kookie please... Stop...” He was never like this. He always stopped when I asked him to. He always respected my decisions. His hand began to travel farther down, and I had had enough.

“JUNGKOOK STOP!” He froze, one hand cupping my breast and the other halfway down my shorts. Tears were lightly falling from my face. I had never been so scared. He quickly removed his hands muttering apology after apology, guilt evident in his face. He tried to comfort me, but I pushed him away. “I need some air,” I mumbled before leaving him alone in the room.
I watched the birds in the birdbath and picked at the chipped paint on the patio. I heard the door open, but didn’t need to turn around to know exactly who it was.

“Jagi please. I’m so sorry.”

“I can’t trust you anymore Jungkook. How do I know you won’t keep going next time?” He was hurt, but so was I. “Just give me some space. Just a small break, ok?” He reluctantly sighed before heading back inside. I would let him know when I was ready. We were in no way over, I loved him too much for that. Love. We had never told each other that one little word.
Days went by and I still hadn’t talked to him yet. He had lost my trust, and it would take a little bit of time to gain it back. What if he didn’t stop next time? He had apologized over and over, in person and through the bond, but I just shut him out. I just needed time. I had already accepted his apology I just needed some time to myself. Was it selfish? Probably. But I had never had a reason to be afraid of Jungkook. Now with this bond enhancing his emotions, I fear he will take me before I’m ready.

“They’re not speaking to each other?”

“Something happened that caused Jungkook to lose Cathleen’s trust. Now she’s been avoiding him for days, claiming she just needs some time to herself.”

“We need to get them back together.”

“How are we going to do that?”

“Plan B.”

“You told me there was no plan B.”

“There’s no plan B to my entire scheme. But there is a plan B with their memories.”

“Oh, that plan B. Alright, I’ll carry it out tonight.” If this didn’t get them back together, I don’t know what would.

We had just come back from a long day of practice. Me and Jin were relaxing on the couch while the other guys were off in their rooms.

“Cathleen, how much longer are you going to ignore Jungkook? I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so miserable before.”

“I’m not mad at him anymore, I’m just scared.”

“Trust him Cathleen, he would never willingly hurt you.” Before I could reply to Jin, my head began to pound. “Cathleen?!” Jin began to check my heart rate as everyone came running into the living room.

“Jagi!” Jungkook’s face was filled with concern. I could sense him trying to talk to me through the bond, but a force was blocking his voice.

“Cathleen.” Who was that? How could someone else be talking to me in my head. “It has been quite a while hasn’t it? Almost 18 years.” This made no sense, I was only one 18 years ago, I couldn’t reply. “Don’t bother trying to reply, I’ll be gone after I deliver a little message. Why won’t you let Jungkook go farther with you? Don’t you want to pick up where you left off in the old world? You two were so delighted when you found out you were expecting.” The voice laughed before slowly fading from my mind, along with the headache. I brought my hands to my mouth in shock as tears slowly streamed down my face.

“Jagi? What’s wrong?” All of the guys looked at me with concern.

“I was pregnant. In the other world.”
Well this chapter took much longer than I expected! I felt the need to clear up some confusion in this chapter so hopefully this helps! Well at least a little bit.
Ummk....who the heck is 'unknown'?! Is one of BTS a traitor?!!! Wtf are they doing to poor Kookie and Cathleen??! So many questions! I've been waiting for this update, can't wait for the next one!
wtf is goin on here. this is too gouda. (so my phone auto corrected that and I'm goin to leave it lol)
so many questions! we need answers! 😢😢😢
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