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You were vaguely aware that you’re lying on your side when you were woken up by feather like kisses along your shoulder and your neck. You squeezed your eyes and wiggled slightly trying to wake yourself up when you felt a hand sneak up the large T-shirt you were wearing and gently squeeze your waist. “Hey, princess” “You’re back?” You smiled as you realised that Junmyeon had slipped under the covers with you. “Mmhmm” he stopped his kisses and instead lightly rested his cheek on the side of your head with his hand drawing gentle circles along the side of your waist. You could hear the rest of the guys wreaking havoc in the kitchen of the lodge. They were probably famished after all the exercise and driving to the resort for hours. You blinked slowly trying to make out what time it was. The light wasn’t on and it wasn’t completely dark yet so you realised you hadn’t actually napped for very long. “Who won?” You closed your eyes again just focusing on Junmyeon’s soft touches. “We did of course. We haven’t played football together in a while but we’re still quite good you know.” He scoffed. “Of course you are.” You yawned contently and snuggled more towards his chest and the warmth it provided. “I’m sorry I didn’t come to watch. I was really tired after driving for so long, I have no idea how you managed to play immediately after arriving. ” “I don’t know why you’re surprised, I thought you were familiar with how much stamina I have.” He said as he slowly slid his hand to the waistband of your underwear and started playing with it causing the heat to rush to your cheeks. He started inching towards your lower tummy when you both heard shuffling and a quiet knock on the door of your room. You were about to speak up when Junmyeon shushed you and laid down properly enveloping you in a comfy back hug. You shrugged lightly and let yourself enjoy the comfort of his hold. Less than a minute had passed when the door opened with a barely audible creak. You heard a chuckle followed by Baekhyun unsuccessfully trying to whisper to whoever he was with. “He immediately fell asleep with her. So cute. Do you think we should wake them up?” “Nah, let them be. They can eat later. They know where the kitchen is.” Chanyeol also probably put a lot of effort in trying to whisper but without much success. You were slightly confused as to why you were pretending to be sleeping in order to miss dinner but you were too comfortable to care and you were dozing off already. You heard the click of the door being closed and after a few moments Junmyeon shuffled. “Don’t fall asleep now.” He kept his voice low so as not be heard by the others. “I won’t, but why are we pretending to be napping and hiding in here AND missing dinner with everyone?” “So I can have some alone time with you.” He was still behind you but he had propped himself on his elbow now, using his other hand to resume the gentle swirls along your waist and hip. “We were going to have that after dinner anyway. The room is just for us as usual.” You felt him slide his hand down along your hip and towards your inner thigh. “I can’t wait till after dinner though.” He sounded impatient but went back to pressing kisses along your neck and shoulder. “And you’re talking too much.” His kisses became open mouthed and sloppy, dipping his tongue at places and then grazing his teeth over the sensitive skin with his breath lightly tickling you. Your eyes were closed but you could feel them lolling back into your head. You let out a satisfied sigh and tried turning your body to face him but he caught a hold of your hip firmly. “No. Stay like this.” There was a certain authority to his voice that excited you but also meant that you should listen to what he says tonight so you stayed as you were, lying comfortably on your left side. His wet kisses didn’t stop but one hand slowly started inching towards your womanhood. Junmyeon slid his middle finger along your clothed folds and over your clit, applying a little more pressure on it with every swipe. He chuckled quietly and you knew he had felt the slight dampness that had already formed in your panties, courtesy of his tongue gliding along your neck. “I see you’ve been enjoying my touches.” You let out a breathy moan and tried slipping your hand behind your back to touch the forming hardness there, but it was quickly stopped by his words. “I didn’t say you could touch, princess.” His fingers kept sliding back and forth, not yet removing your underwear but still adding more and more pressure on your clit. “Now put that hand back.” You groaned but obeyed and withdrew your hand, opting for grabbing the sheets and balling your hand in a fist securely. “Good girl.” He kept up with his ministrations for a short while, eliciting needy moans from you before finally allowing you to twist your upper half and look into his eyes as he hovered his head over you. It was dark but you could still see the way his hooded eyes bore into yours. His face kept inching closer until you could feel his slightly chapped lips grazing yours before he suddenly crashed your lips together, pouring his need for you in the kiss. Your mouths moved in unison just relishing the feeling of your lips moulding together. He licked your lower lip before swirling his finger over your clit causing you to gasp allowing him to slip his tongue into your mouth. There wasn’t a battle for dominance. No, it would be one those nights when he had full control. You tangled your fingers in his thick hair eliciting a low grunt from him. When your lips parted his forehead was pressed against ours and you were both gasping for air. He slid your T-shirt over you breasts and after staring a while in admiration he starts placing chaste kisses all over your chest sucking and marking you. Despite the odd angle you were twisted in you couldn’t help but melt into his touch. Soon you felt his tongue glide over your nipple before he harshly sucked on it and you felt his hand slip towards the other one, lightly pinching and teasing it. You were completely losing yourself in his touch. He suddenly withdrew and slid his right hand in your underwear immediately dipping a finger between your folds and sliding it along, spreading your wetness to your clit. You almost let out a loud moan but he silenced it with a rough kiss. “We’re sleeping cutely together, remember?” He whispered against your lips. “You have to be quiet, understood? I will stop if you aren’t.” He finished that sentence with promptly pushing his finger past your folds and into your aching heat. You whimpered and bit your lip fighting to contain your moans. Pushing in and out, Junmyeon just smiled and despite the darkness you could see the mischievous glint in his eyes. You could tell he was enjoying this, especially judging by the growing hardness of his length pressed on your backside. Taking his hands off you, he pushed you back on your side sparing you from the pain of being twisted in such an odd manner. “Don’t move.” You heard him unbuckle his belt and the shuffling of clothes, soon after you could felt his naked chest pressed against your back. Propped on his elbow he slid his forearm under your head and snaked his other hand to your underwear, sliding it aside. You felt his member spread your wetness along your folds, your breath hitched from the feeling while Junmyeon let out a low groan from feeling how drenched you were. Your core was throbbing with need so you tried wiggling yourself towards him but he pulled backwards and bit down on your shoulder making you whine in pain. He sucked on the crook of your neck and you knew he had left a mark. Junmyeon lightly dipped the head of his member in you but quickly withdrew causing you to whimper in frustration. You had no idea how he had so much self-control, you both hated and loved him for it. He brought his lips to your ear whispering but never ceasing his teasing. “Now you’re going to be a good girl and be quiet…” You only hummed in response. He grazed your earlobe with his teeth before pushing his member deeper this time but still not filling you completely. You could feel his fingers digging into your hip, he was close to his limit but you were losing it. “Junmyeon…” “Mmm” “Please fuck me already.” “Yes, princess.” He kept his hand firmly on your hip as he suddenly slammed into you filling you completely. You would’ve screamed for the whole house to hear if he hadn’t clamped his other hand over your mouth. For a moment he just stayed there pushing himself in you as deep as he could. “Mmm, this feels nice doesn’t it?” Junmyeon’s silky voice was low and breathy, his lips moving against your ear with his breath tickling you Then, instead of the fast pace you were expecting, he went in and out in maddeningly slow, deep thrusts making you feel every inch of his throbbing length. You shivered when you heard the low throaty groans he was letting out next to your ear. “You always feel so good, princess. So.Good.” Without ceasing his deep thrusts Junmyeon let go of your hip and brought his fingers to your mouth. “Suck.” You obliged as he pushed two digits inside. Even without having to look you knew he was smiling. You sucked and licked his fingers until he was completwly satisfied. “Good girl. You’ll get a reward for that.” His, now wet, fingers left your mouth with a pop and he brought them to your breasts tracing soft patterns around your nipples before bringing them down to your clit, playing with it. You closed your eyes mewling in pleasure. Burying his face in the crook of your neck he gradually started increasing the pace of his thrusts. You could feel his hot breath, and his quiet whines in pleasure sent shivers down your spine. “You know…I…love you…so…much…princess…” He said with each thrust before gently placing his palm against your throat, wrapping his fingers around it and softly putting pressure on it. You were seeing stars, your fists were digging into the sheets as you felt something twisting and coiling in your stomach. His thrusts were unrelenting and you were losing yourself in the feeling. “Cum for me, princess.” His voice was gruff and with the next buck of his hips you felt your walls clench around his cock as you came undone in his arms. His thrusts became erratic and sloppy and soon enough you could feel Junmyeon’s length twitching as he released himself in you filling you with his warmth. He had already let go of your throat as he rode out your orgasms before completely stopping his movements. You could feel his sweaty forehead as he was still hiding his face in your neck, panting. You both stayed like that for a while trying to catch your breath. When he pulled out he turned you onto your back and hovered over you, looking into your eyes, his chest pressed against yours. His sweaty bangs were plastered on his forehead and he leaned into your touch when you reached to swipe them to the side. You couldn’t help but return the huge dazzling smile that spread across his face. “I missed you so much” “You were gone for a few hours during which you played football, I really doubt you missed me that much.” You chuckled at his childishness. “But I really did.” He whined “I missed your pretty eyes.” He said and then softly kissed each of your eyelids. “I missed your cute cheeks.” Two sweet kisses were placed on your cheeks. “I missed your adorable tiny nose.” *quick peck on your nose* “And most of all…I missed your soft lips.” He then placed a lingering kiss on your lips before pulling away and smiling widely again. The butterflies in your stomach were having a party while you tried to control your heart rate but in the end you just gave up. “I missed you too, you big dork.” “Good. Now let’s sleep, I’m exhausted.” He then collapsed on top of you crushing you with his weight. “Ugh, you’re too heavy and..REALLY warm.” You tried pushing him away but it was impossible. “Jun…myeon, GET OFF ME.” “Don’t wanna. Also, don’t be so loud we’re still napping, remember?” “Oh my god…”

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Have can you do a Xiumin one and a BamBam one for me please? I enjoy reading your stories!!!
@PrettieeEmm Oh I'm sure he will "revive" her 😂😂😂
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