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Username Change
(The pictures are just there cause they're cute) I am no longer @IGot7Forever anymore... I changed my username to @KpopRuinedMe2 if I tagged you it's because you usually tag me in your cards... so yeah, keep tagging me, I like your cards @Luna1171 @MrsJungHoseok @EunwooTrash @KpopandKimchi @AliyahNewbell
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Okey dokey 馃槅
a year agoReply
how did you change your username?
a year agoReply
@DeniseiaGardner you go to settings the click on profile ( if you're on the mobile app) then you can change it there. But you can only change it once a month I think
a year agoReply
thanks I just change it how you like now
a year agoReply
Oml 馃槷 I'm like so late on noticing this. I'll go update my list right away. I'm so sorry.
a year agoReply