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Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader Part: 1/? ~I would suggest reading the prologue so you can have a full understanding of the story so far. Prologue
Lily placed the bright, lively sunflowers into the vase by her grandfather's bed. It might as well have been the only source of color in the bland hospital room. They were her grandfather's favorite. He always said they reminded him of her radiant smile that would always brighten his day. So every time he woke to the new flowers he knew she had been there with her bright smile. Lily didn't smile much these days but she would never let her grandpa know. Her grandfather laid silently sleeping. Lily took his hand, careful not to wake him. He always worried about her working too hard but Lily knew there wasn't any other way, Well...not until now. She thought back at the café where she had struck a deal with the legendary G-Dragon himself. Lily shook her head. She couldn't worry herself about him now. Her grandfather smiled in his sleep. Lily retracted her hand and stood slowly. She smiled as she saw the steady rise of his chest. “Sweet dreams.”  Lily whispered as she leaned down and kissed her grandfather goodbye. Lily wrapped her thin coat tighter around her as she stepped out the hospital. The streets were quiet and Lily grabbed her mini purse hoping she had enough for the bus ride home. She cursed only seeing a few pennies. The flickering streetlights only added to the ominous scene as Lily commenced to walk home. It wasn't like she lived in a bad neighborhood but after her grandfather lost his job they could no longer make rent and she had to get an apartment out in the tougher side of the city. Lily jumped as a stray cat raced out in front of her disappearing in a nearby alley. She caught her breath as she tried to slow her thumping heart. Her hand reached for her necklace instinctively as she quickened her pace. Lily didn't notice the black car slowly following her. “Finally…”  Lily murmured with relief as she saw her apartment building in the distance.Suddenly a strange feeling overtook her and she looked behind her feeling watched. She was immediately blinded by headlights as the sleek black car revved his engine daring her to run. Lily shielded her eyes and turned running to the building's door. The car sounded like it was right on Lily's heel and she did all but leap at the door desperately grabbing the knob. She was already halfway through the door when she heard the unmistakable voice of Kwon Jiyong. “So this is where you live? Hmmm...shabby.” Lily turned to the voice with surprise and saw Jiyong sitting on the hood of the suspicious car. Lily felt relieved and wary at the same time. Why had this weirdo followed her home? “Yah! Were you following me?” Lily questioned. He still had that same cocky smile from earlier. “Would you let me in if I said yes?” Gosh are all idols this confident? Lily shook her head in disbelief as she commenced to enter the building again. “Wait.” Jiyong ordered. As much as Lily didn't want to she stopped. It was something about the tone that made her listen. Even if she didn't want this guy did offer her a job so what else could she do but hear him out. He extended his hand to Lily, urging her to take the card it held. Lily reluctantly took the card. For a brief second their hands touched and Lily swore she felt sparks. She couldn't tell if that was a good or bad sign and retracted her hand feeling her heart beat through her chest. Jiyong smiled once more and turned to leave. “You'll need that card to enter so don't lose it. I'll see you early tomorrow.” He ducked his head to enter the car but then pulled it up so he could meet Lily's eyes. “Don't be late. I'm sure by now you know I don't like waiting.” “Trust me I know.” Lily murmured and watched as he climbed into the car and sped off leaving her alone. Lily sighed and entered the building slipping the card into her pocket as she made her way to the front desk. She hadn't checked her mail in months for obvious reasons. One being that hardly anyone sent her anything and two the receptionist was a snarky rude guy named Larry. Lily knew if it wasn't for him being the owner of the building she lived she would've knock his butt out a long time ago. She really didn't want to mess with him but she needed something to take her mind away. There was never a moment when Lily would walk by without being gifted a smart ass remark from the man. She would rarely waste her time responding knowing that Larry would just retort back with something even more rude. For a jerk like him he could roast you without even thinking twice. It was a talent Lily admired and despised. “Well you're looking uglier than ever? Just got off from working the corner?” Larry laughed loudly at his own joke as he watched Lily make her way to the desk. “I'm sorry. If you're looking for a new pimp I am definitely not the guy.” Lily rolled her eyes as he reared back in his seat from laughter. Today had been a long day and Larry was only making it longer. All she wanted to do now was sleep. The last thing she wanted to do was argue with Larry. “Look I'm just here to check my mail Larry. I've had a day that you wouldn't believe.” Lily slid her key to him wishing silently he would just give her a break this one time like he rarely did. She smiled in her head as Larry took the key without protest. “It must be a cold day in hell. What makes you think someone sent you something?” Lily bit her tongue knowing that he was right. There honestly wasn't any point in checking it. She lost all of her so called friends once her grandfather got sick and she had to take on extra work. Mail from family wasn't even an issue since her grandfather was the only family she ever knew. Apart from her mystery mother who abandoned her when she was one. Of course she would ask about her time after time but whenever the topic of her mother would arise her grandfather would just frown, his face darkening. Lily learned to not even try anymore. The key slammed on the desk jolting Lily from her thoughts. “Surprise surprise dimwit. There's nothing in there except cobwebs and dust.” Larry exclaimed sitting back down in his chair. Lily felt a slight pang in her heart and she knew the disappointment was evident in her face. It's not like she wasn't used to hearing that but it still hurt to feel like no one cared. Maybe that's why she always had this strange feeling when Jiyong was around. It was almost like he cared… But Lily knew better than that. Larry's face softened seeing Lily's expression. “Hey. Why don't you go on and get some rest. You look like shit.” Lily nodded making her way to the stairs. Larry was weird like that. Even though he acted like a jerk most of the time Lily knew deep down he cared about her. There were plenty of times when she should've been kicked out for not making rent but Larry was always there. Larry was an ass but he was Lily's ass. Sliding her key into the lock she let out a long sigh as she entered her small apartment. It was completely dark except for the thin stream of moonlight the curtains allowed. Lily shrugged her bag and coat off and made her way to the kitchen. Checking the fridge Lily frowned at the emptiness of it. Her stomach cried at the sight and she knew it would be one of those nights. The face of Jiyong flashed in her mind. Maybe...she could...I mean how bad could it be? Closing the fridge she turned around and froze. Right in front of her was a figure shrouded in black staring right at her.

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