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Vingle Kpop Monthly Music Chart: June 2016!

Time to find June 2016's best track!

You can check out May's winner HERE!
Because groups release multiple tracks per month, I will only add one from each group :)

Choose 2 from the 10 tracks below!


KNK - Back Again

U-KISS - Stalker

EXO - Monster

Yerin Baek - Bye Bye My Blue

Sistar - I Like That

Madtown - Emptiness

Romeo - Miro

Taeyeon - Why

Gugudan - Wonderland

Leave your votes in the comments!

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Back Again** oops
a year ago·Reply
Ukiss stalker
a year ago·Reply
EXO Monster Madtown Emptiness
a year ago·Reply
Monster and I Like That are my two choices. Ugh such a great line up. I'm in love with the beat to Monster though. I can also see I Like That being every girl's theme song now lol.
a year ago·Reply
u-kiss- stalker sistar- I like that I listened to stalker 1000 times
a year ago·Reply