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DAY 6 - Anime you want to see but haven't yet?



As a minor god of calamity, Yato lacks even a shrine to his name. In attempts to become known, he charges only 5 yen to grant the wishes of Near Shore dwellers- a.k.a. the living. Throughout his missions, he encounters a Near Shore girl named Hiyori Iki whose soul frequently slips out of her body, and Yukine, a wandering spirit whom he names as his weapon to kill corrupted spirits with.
He also has a dark past with Bishamon the God of War, resulting in many fights between them. There is also a dark relation with a Nora, which used to be his Hiki.


First off, my impression on this anime is really good because I've never heard a bad comment about it. The story sort of reminds me of Kamisama Kiss which is an anime that I love. The main guy is a god and the main girl from Kamisama kiss was a god. It has some romance is what I heard, comedy which is one of my top genres and another great genre thrown in: ACTION! Who doesn't love a little action?
This anime is my favorite type of anime and I have no idea why I haven't watched it yet because it sounds like I would love it. I plan to watch it sometime this summer, not sure when but I believe that I will love it. And I hear that the guy is super funny. So, I look forward to that because I love my comedy and cant handle the seriousness all the time. Also Yato is really hot! ^.^~

I encourage all of you to do this challenge along with me, or just say in the comments what anime you want to watch but haven't yet!

Let Me Know! ^.^~
Hope you're starting it now! OuO and I want to start Academia (?) (I think that's it), mainly because everyone seems to love it and flipped when they found out that there would be a season 2
Rave Master! I can't believe I haven't watched this anime!!
I haven't seen Guilty Crown but I plan yo watch it soon
I have SO much anime that I haven't seen but I really want to, I don't even know where to begin
@SymoneBelcher yeah I think that's right, and same!
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