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Who: Reader x Byun Baekhyun What: Pain, Love Chapter 1 (This story is loosely based off of 2NE1's music video Go away. I kind of just needed to write it out cause it's in my head but I thought you guys might like it. so enjoy) Story: He was the love of your life until he broke up with you in the most humiliating way. You keep going on with your life trying to live with the pain of working with your ex-boyfriend at the race track and seeing his new girlfriend hanging on his arm. The more you see him the more destructive you become. Right now the only person that can keep you sane is your closest friend Jongdae.
Y/N's POV You walked down the street feeling numb with a bottle of alcohol in your hand. The street you were on was dark and dim, hidden from the slight light the crescent moon gave off. Small lamp posts were still lit up to guide your way. You had been wandering around mostly all day after work just drinking and replaying the day before in your head. Replaying seeing him with her, each time you thought about it you took a sip from the bottle like some twisted version of a drinking game. It didn't drown the pain though, it didn't completely push it out of you. How could someone you loved for two years turn into such a drastically different person in a matter of seconds? Byun Baekhyun and you had met through your two best friends Jongdae and Jongin. You two seemed to hit it off pretty quickly, you thought he was really attractive. He was pretty aggressive with getting your attention always flirting, calling you beautiful, sharing food with you, until finally, two months into meeting each other you two started going out and for two years you two had been together. You both were still building up your images and trying to get sponsors for racing when you met. You were together before the fame and once the fame came everything seemed to shatter. For two weeks, you two had been arguing and had been kind-of distant but you thought it was just a rough patch like normal, he'd stopped doing the things he used to do with you. Showering with you, kisses in the morning, he stopped texting you to say he loved you. He seemed to move back in with his roommates who you were friends with you too. You often asked if he said that you did anything to make him upset but they always said anytime they brought you up he'd change the subject or tell them to mind their own business. You should've seen it coming but you didn't. You didn't see that he'd break up with you, you didn't see that when he asked you out to lunch yesterday that he'd scream through the silence that you had been sitting in for ten minutes that he was done. Done with seeing you, done with dating such a useless girl. Done with being seen as beneath you. In all honesty, you were the best racer, everyone loved you and they loved Baekhyun too but Baekhyun was just 'Y/N's boyfriend' in the media. He was number two when it came to you. You never saw him as number two though, he was always your number one. You'd blown off a few promising career moves because of him. Of course he'd never know that and you sure as hell wouldn't tell him now. Everyone in that cafe had their eyes on you two when he'd yelled, when he walked out. You could only place your sunglasses on and stand up like nothing had happened. Like you hadn't met him there and that he was late showing up, like you hadn't been yelled at, like you hadn't been humiliated. "Damn it!" you screamed throwing the bottle against the building in front of you. The bottle shattered, some pieces flying back at you like it was mocking you. You sat down and leaned against the other wall behind you. This was all his fault, he ruined you. He broke your heart and then he showed up the next day with that slut on his arm. She had given you the most devious smirk ever, you didn't need three guesses to figure out that they had been seeing each other long before he dumped you. It was probably the moment you started noticing the change in your relationship. Your phone rang and when you checked the ID it read: Chennie Chen Chen. "Chen!" You screamed happily drunk. Jongdae was a solo artist, you, him and Jongin had grown up together. Jongdae went by Chen for his stage name and Jongin went by Kai. Jongin was a dancer but he was just starting to break out as a singer both him and Jongdae teamed up to work on a song together and it was a big hit with fans. "Y/N where the hell are you? Are you drunk?" "You bet your candy apple ass I'm drunk. Come down here and get drunk with me. Ooh we can have sex!" "Y/N." he said, sympathy dripping form his voice. "Well what, I'm not suggesting with each other. Yet." "Y/N where are you I'm coming to pick you up." You felt something wet hit the top of your head. You looked up to see that clouds had covered the sky now. Another drop came, then another, then another till the sky opened up on you. "Chen it's raining!" you cried like a child. "Then tell me where the hell you are so I can come get you." You looked around and saw the sign that had the name of the street you were on and told him. "Oh good, I'm close by there, I should be there in ten minutes." You nodded before ending the call not even realizing that he wouldn't be able to see you nod in the first place. You sat there getting soaking wet, your eyelids getting heavy until you finally drifted to sleep. Jongdae's POV He had given Baekhyun the silent treatment for the past two days after Y/N told him how he broke up with her. He tried to talk to him but he quickly realized that he knew about what happened. Baekhyun tried to explain himself but Jongdae wouldn't hear it. He ignored him to the point that he wanted to forget that Baekhyun even existed. He'd taken her out to lunch today to make sure she was okay but it was clear to him that she was just faking a smile to seem brave in front of everyone. She was stubborn and she didn't like showing weakness to anyone but she had gotten drunk the night before and called him up telling him she was going to burn all their pictures together. He went over to her house to coax her to bed, she was drinking and playing with fire that was a big no no. He thought to call her and see what she was doing tonight because he didn't trust that she was okay. He didn't trust that she wasn't drinking herself to death. Sure enough his instincts were correct when he heard her scream into the phone, "Chen!" He practically had to force her to tell him where she was. When she finally answered, he made his way over to her. At least she was heading home, although it seemed like she was taking a back road to get there. He got out of his car, walking down the back part of the buildings with an umbrella in hand. He didn't see her and thought she'd left but when he rang her again he heard her cell phone. He followed the ring till he found her passed out against the wall, her hair sticking to her face, her white shirt revealing her white bra, her black leather pants letting the rain drops slide cleanly off her thighs. He sighed at the sight. He lifted her over his shoulder and held the umbrella above them as he walked back to his car. He drove them back to her place and tried to wake her up. "Come on Y/N you need to get out of that and into dry clothes. Wake up." He lightly slapped her face till she slightly came to. He heard her moan in an adorable way, her hand raised to rub her eyes as he repeated, "You need to get into dry clothes." "I'm tired." "I know but you'll get sick. Just get changed and I promise you can go to sleep after okay." Her eyes were closed and her bottom lip was poked out as she nodded tired. He grabbed her face and smiled at her child like manner. He grabbed some clothes from her dresser, things that looked like pajamas and handed them to her. He walked out for a moment and waited for her to get changed, it was only a few minutes later that he heard a thump come from the room and he turned around and called her name, "Y/N are you okay?" "Help." She said weakly. He walked into the room to see her on the floor. She'd gotten dressed but she must've stumbled and tripped in her drunken state. He walked over and helped her up and grabbed a towel to try and dry her hair. "Let me see if I can find a hair dryer." He walked into her bathroom looking under her sink and in the drawers too see if she had one. He turned to the closest behind the door and finally found it. He plugged it up and started drying her hair. Her head kept bobbing like she was trying to stay awake but she was too tired. He promised her only a little longer and she would be done. He finally finished drying her hair and she clung to him as he lifted her up and moved the covers to put her to bed. "Jongie! Stay with me tonight." "Sure squirt." he said with a smile. He had stayed over last night too to make sure she didn't do anything stupid. He was heading out the door to sleep on the couch when she grabbed his hand and said, "You can stay in here, I don't want to sleep alone." He looked back down at her kind of troubled, should he do that or not? She was too tired to make a move and he was too responsible to take advantage, they were only sleeping next to each other. He sighed and said, "Okay." He took off his shirt and got under the covers, she wrapped her arms around him cuddling close, her head laying on his chest; he heard her say goodnight. He kissed the top of her head and said, "Goodnight Y/N."
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