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Warning: over-thinking girlfriend alert.

TLDR (in advance) My boyfriend is stressed, I want to help him out but I worry I'm annoying him. WHAT TO DO?!
My boyfriend is currently SUPER over-worked (he leaves home at 9am and gets home around 1am...) because his company is completely revamping its app and he's a developer >.<
Sometimes when I'm stressed I want people to say they feel bad for me and ask how to help and just generally be super helpful and caring.

Other times, I want people to stop talking about how stressed or overworked I am and just let me forget about it.

I'm the kind of person that wants to take care of him and offer as much help as I can, but I worry that sometimes I'm annoying, remembering that I often don't like people acting like that towards ME.
But of course when I ask him to tell me if I'm bothering him he always says "you're never annoying" SO HOW DO I KNOW IF IM ANNOYING?!
My current solution has been to still ask how he is and offer help, but keep it on the DL and try to read his reactions to my messages :/

Does anyone have advice for how to help stressed friends or significant others?

For me... I would make him something to eat that you know for sure that they love and then just let them rest their head on your lap or something. Kind of an indirect way of saying that they can lean on you for support.
I would say Ask him what he'd like....
I highly suggest being as tolerable and calm as you can be. Men aren't always vocal with their emotions so sometimes "babying" them is a great route. Just a shoulder rub and some advice like "It's hard now, we will get through it and I'm here for you." I have an over thinking, over reactive boyfriend myself and this has helped us both massively when it comes to effective communication.
sleep and food well that's all my boyfriend needs
I just do little things like buy him energy drinks and write a cute post it when my bf is having sleepless nights. just to let him know Im here to support him
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