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Now I want to be a Kindness Killer for Halloween and carry a big knife with KINDNESS written on it thanks to this webcomic. (If you're obsessed with Halloween, you're always brainstorming what you're going to be. It's just a favorite thing hazard.)

Anyway, how do you guys deal with bullies?

Do you kill them with kindness? Or revenge, revenge, revenge?

@danidee i made home alone traps for my bully at my private school and no one belived him cause i was a goody two shoes he was always watching his back after that and never went near me i just maniacally laughed at him
@arnelli Did you do one of those devious Mr. Burns hand-rubbing moves?
@EverieMisfit Also... *technically* it's only murder if you *force* them to eat it... (no law against pretending to eat poisoned cake), and if a certain predator comes along with the mindset of taking what you've got, the that's *all on them*... (evolution is not w/o it's pitfalls)
ROFLMAO! Did the CIA clear that comic? 馃槀 Might be stepping on some tails on that one!
@danidee I know right haha my mom kinda brushed it off but my step dad was super mad haha @arnelli omg that's like the greatest thing when everyone thinks your super good and would never do such a thing 馃槀
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