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So I saw that @Sammie99522 did this and I gave it my best shot I decided I wanted to take part too cause it seems like fun lol Instead of EXO, since I'm not a huge fan of them, I'm gonna switch it with iKon since I honestly don't think anyone really knows who my iKon bias is so I'm curious to see the guesses lol
So I am basically guessing on all of this 😂😂 Maybe I will get 1. Ikon: Yoyo ( if not I really want to know who) Bts: Jin Got7: Jb Bigbang: Taeyang Shinee: Key B.a.p : Yongguk How horrible did I do lol?
@Sammie99522 got half right!! 😳😳😳😳 You either got lucky or you pay attention 😂😂😂 Daesung is my Big Bang bias, Onew is my Shinee bias and Youngjae is my BAP bias. I LOVE YoYo so much!!💖💖💖💖Jin and JB too.
@xoxorittie 😄 I just guessed on most of it but I had a feeling it was yoyo ( you tend to talk about him the most out of ikon) 😜💗💗
@Sammie99522 Haha well you guessed very well. Way better than I did😂 I love all of iKon (obviously) but yeah YoYo won my heart like instantly so he ultimately became my bias in the end😂💖💖