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Recently my boyfriend has been stressed (as I mentioned earlier) but that means he's SUPER forgetful.

He forgot that we made dinner plans and totally blew me off to go to dinner with his coworkers. He really didnt mean anything bad by it and I wasnt super upset but he was SOOOOO mad at himself. He groveled and bought me ice cream and was so apologetic. LOL!

What's the best way you've ever apologized, or someone has apologized to you?

Would a cake work on you?

(it would TOTALLY work on me!)
@Sophiamor i forgot to watch a movie with my friend she watched it all alone so on this rainy day i ran in the rain and gave her a box of donots with a note sorry today was a drag
Awww @SavioMenezes that sux, hope they start treating you better
people hurt me,but never apologise to me. i just forgive and forget.
I would totally forgive them instantly already but act like I still hate them馃槄
Well I made my brother really mad and he hates GOT7 so I made him a GOT7 card and bought him a Mark plushy
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