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Jin's been wrecking me lately xD The lineup so far: V Jin Suga J-hope Jimin Jungkook Rap Monster Jin was requested first in the last card so

Fanmeet with Jin, commence!

1. his face when he sees you approaching

2. what you give him

**if you got "a question" scroll down to 3.1!!!

3. his face when he receives it

3.1. he answers you with ____

4. his face when you're told to move on to the next member

5. He goes for a high five. You ____

[my results] he's still in shock from the headband, hehe...and I missed!!! T^T

How'd it go? Who would you like to meet next?

Fanmeet ssg taglist: @AlittleJoy
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Suga! Yess!
may I be tagged plz
@mrsyookihyun sure thing ^^
Jin didn't like me at first, but then I gave him steel chopsticks. We made a turkey instead of a highfive. LOL!