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I made my own little version on the original picture, because me being my little ocd self would've drove myself insane if I just wrote on extra groups. Also I didn't add B.A.P to my version only because they haven't decided to ruin me yet, and also because i know none of their names as well. You don't have to guess for all of them though. Just guess for whichever ones you feel comfortable guessing. But Anywho This shall be fun, and good luck! ALSO MY USERNAME IS A MAJOR HINT FOR ONE! IF YOU GET IT WRONG THEN LORD HAVE MERCY ON YOUR SOUL. Kidding But still.
EXO- Lay BTS- V GOT7- Mark BIG BANG- GD SHINee- Minho Infinite-L Seventeen- Woozi U-Kiss- Eli Astro- Eun woo
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@jjrockstar you got 5/9 correct! L is actually a bias wrecker but I'll give it to you anyway.
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