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I love learning the different perspectives of the United States people from outside of the country have. Michael Bay and world domination. U-S-A! U-S-A!

What do people usually assume about where YOU'RE from?

(It could the reputation of your city, your state, or your entire country!)
This guy asked me why can't you just swim around the border which he thought was in San Diego. He actually thought the border was a fence, like he was dead serious lol
well I'm from California and I'm Mexican, so I get a lot of jumping the border jokes lol I've even been asked if I had a green card, like umm I was born here.. it doesn't bother me though, I actually think it's pretty funny XD
went from homo stoner surfer state Cali to idiot religious homophobe southern immigrant hating Texas XD
@danidee I'm Japanese, maybe korean, White, Black, Mexican and Jewish 馃槃
@danidee IT'S FINALLY 80 DEGREES 馃槃 it's usually 100 馃槶馃槶
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