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I love learning the different perspectives of the United States people from outside of the country have. Michael Bay and world domination. U-S-A! U-S-A!

What do people usually assume about where YOU'RE from?

(It could the reputation of your city, your state, or your entire country!)
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@AtisutoMeru LMAO Are your neighbors really far from you? When I went to the countryside a few years ago, I was surprised by how far people tend to live from one another in those kinds of areas.
@danidee yep. They're somewhat close, but theyre really spaced out. Especially compared 2 a city. Ppl in the country tend 2 own a lot of land, especially around their houses. not 2 mention, they value quiet & privacy.
@AtisutoMeru It's really nice! I went up to Eastern Washington by Idaho and it was really spacious and free.
@danidee Yea. But it's also kinda hard 2 live in a countryside at the same time (particularly 4 kids/teens), bc there isn't a whole lot around. Nothing 2 do. Nowhere 2 go. Unless u go back 2 the city. & most of the time u can't just walk 2 ur friends' houses bc they're like nowhere near u.
@AtisutoMeru How close do you live to the city?