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(y/n):Why are you following me? Yoongi: To make sure you come back safe. (y/n): Well I'm already here, you can go now. we both stood in front of my door and I stared at him. His cute lips separated, his nose, his cute messy hair, his pale skin. (Damn I envy his skin!) I somehow noticed that he is pretty much the perfect man! No (y/n) don't think that way! I looked down then up at him. His breathing started going uneasy, he lost balance and fell to the side. (y/n): Yoongi! Yoongi: urgh... I tryed to pick him up and succes! I lead him in the living room and placed him on the couch. I looked at him and he looked paler( if that's possible. ) I warmed up my hands and placed one on his forehead. (y/n): You're burning up! I went to the kitchen and grabbed a towel. I wet it with cold water, I went to the fridge and grabbed an ice pack. I went to him and placed the cold wet towel on his neck and the ice bag on his head. Yoongi: I'm s-so c-cold. I went to my room and brang a blanket and covered him up. I sat on the floor next to him and looked at him. His eyes slowly closed and his breathing was heavy. I picked up the Ice pack and moved his bangs out of the way and placed it back on his head. His eyelashes are long. I thought. I looked down and his pale hand was sticking out. I grabbed his hand and placed it inside the blanket. I sighed and keeped on staring at him. I looked at the time and it was 11:23 pm. I went to my room and took off my sweater I was wearing and went to sleep.
OMG it was cute <3 But take your time! No need to rush perfection :D
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@maricela17mrn thank you and I will.😊
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