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When you share an ice cream with your crush
I'd be embarrassed like crazy X 0...but forgiving lol This is just so cute!! All credit for art goes to the artist
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I just love how the last frame is of the lonely (melting) Ice Cream cone, leaving you to wonder...
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@StarRainTearBow It does leave me in wonder. Maybe I should try writing a story with this lol
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It's a cute base premise... I love the way she reacts... Personally, it makes perfect sense to me... if a lady is eating ice cream, doesn't it mean she'd rather be licked? But the imagery perfectly captures the innocence of it all perfectly!
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@StarRainTearBow So true 馃槃
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@VickieAnimeFan It actually kind of makes me curious, do you think most ladies like to be "bristled" before being "brushed", or is that just chariture...? (Okay, I should shut up now... I've managed to get myself blushing) 馃榿
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