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I just had to share this. So I had this horrible nightmare. Like my aunt and Jimin died in my nightmare. Omfg I literally woke up crying. My aunt got really sick and went to Korea to get treatment or something like that. And me being the fangirl I am I went with her to Korea to take care of her. It switches to another scene where she's in the hospital bed and like I'm visiting. I then go to the cafe a little ways from the hospital to go get some food. I got to a cafe and ordered a Caramel Macchiato (ironic I know) and I sandwich. I'm now walking back to the hospital. Suddenly there's a car drifting/driving out of control on the road. I don't notice as it turns the corner and start hurling towards me at like 75 miles per hour. Someone pushes me out of the way and I fall over, but out of the way of the car. I look over and see 6 guys checking on a guy on the ground. I run over to him cause it is clearly the guy who saved me. I then see it's BTS's Jimin and I can feel tears pouring out of my eyes. We literally carry him to the hospital. Later the doctor came out and told me that he died, I became hysterical. The doctor said Jimin's last words were "I'm glad I could save the pretty girl" and he died with a smile. Then my aunt dies from organ failure of her sickness. And that literally when I wake up with a tear drenched pillow. I was just kinda hoping that the hospital was pranking me but I will never know cause I woke up omg.
@NaBi7 Awe~ I bet....
@KpopGaby ikr it sound kinda like a sad kdrama and when I saw my aunt that day I hugged her and cried so much
@AlittleJoy I think anyone would be crying if this happened too
I'm so sorry, what a terrible nightmare 馃槦 i would be crying hysterically too...
Omg...I would be crying too...that's so depressing...