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Here's how to say you BECAME a certain way :)

Adjective + 지다 means "To become + adjective"

Examples: 힘들어졌어요
It became more difficult.
I became happier.
1. Take a verb in the 요 form
Example: 예뻐요 (ye-ppeo-yo, you're pretty!)
2. Take off the 요 and add 졌어요
Example: 예뻐졌어요 (ye-ppeo-jyeoss-eo-yo, you became pretty!)
3. You're done!

People often use this to compliment looks like:



(Because of your new haircut, outfit, etc) You became prettier!

It's not saying you didn't look pretty BEFORE, just that with whatever the change is, you look extra pretty that day :)

Another way to do it ~

Listen at 1:03

더 예뻐진 나

A more prettier me

This is how you make the verb describe something. Instead of saying "I became prettier" its saying "The me that became prettier"...its more advanced grammar but if you know how to say things like 좋은 하루 its the same idea!

Now your turn!

Fill in the blank:

Because _________, I became happier :)



Became happier :)

Because of Jenna Marbles smiling snoop dog look alike I became happier haha
I ate
I got to know my work crush a bit more.... ^^
Because I got my haircut and its so light and not thick and annoying (for now) I became a lot happier HAHAHAHHAHAAH
Because my sister gave birth to my second nephew, I became happier.
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