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Let's help BTS get #1 by going to http://www.billboard.com/fan-army-bracket/ and voting for them
UPDATE: BTS is almost 1st!!! Sadly they are up against T-ara so they might not be moving on. But at least we got them to 2nd we're ahead of Beyonce and I think that's saying something. In the end I still feel like our boys are gonna be proud of us and themselves for placing that high in an international voting poll.
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@JessicaChaney holy crap I didn't see that... I feel like we can fill the gap but idk at least we're 2nd out of 64
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Miley's pic bothers me... Its kinda eww in my opinion
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@IWuvKpop I completely agree I don't look at the screen when I vote for her because it disturbs me. And I also feel some shame voting for her as well
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Update: T-ara 108,000 BTS 74,000 (aproximately)
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@Elena166 I know it's depressing but T-ara won the last time too didn't they?? I'm hoping we can at least keep them in second because that's still something. It sucks Bts were the one's against T-ara on the first round
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