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I'm sorry this is late...I was in freshman orientation all day and I'm so exhausted But here's a lovely collection of Leeteuk solo performances...I do not, however, own any of these videos! I give full rights and credits to their beautiful and wonderful owners :)
First up is "Loving U + She"...this video...just this video...ugh, why is it so cute? (/.\)
Next is "Hello"...
Here's "Nothing on You"...ft. Sungmin :)
The ever beautiful "Lost Stars"
Here's "Close your Eyes"...
A throwback to "Honey"...
And something I just saw today...Leeteuk drum solo O.o
He's killing me slowly. And I love it.
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@ESwee We've all been dying slowly over the past 10 years 😂
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@GamerKyumin you make a good point. :3
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