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On a street blanketed by snow. Wonshik walked in the cold glassy night. He looks up to the sky wishing for a little spark of hope. As he looks up to the stars. He runs in to something. He looks down and sees a head of black silky hair. Wonshik’s eyes meet a face of a beautiful man. The man quickly looks down shyly. He mumbles “sorry”. Wonshik steps back and says “oh, it was not your fault”. The man looks up with starry eyes and flushed cheeks. Wonshik notices that he is only wearing a thin jacket. Wonshik asks if he is cold. The cute man looks down again and turns redder. Wonshik grabs his hand and pulls him into a nearby coffee shop. He walked up to order. He turned to the other man “do you like coffee?’ He replied quietly “yes, I love it actually”. Wonshik turned back to order “one medium coffee and one green tea, please”. Wonshik walked over to the pickup area. They waited for their drinks. Once they got their drinks they went to a table. “So what is your name?” Wonshik said to the man across from him. “My name is Taekwoon but most people call me Leo and yours”. “My name is Wonshik or Ravi, whichever you like. Also why are you out in this cold dressed like that?” Leo looked down at himself. He was wearing black torn jeans and a long sleeve black t-shirt with a gray jacket over it. Leo started talking. This was the most open he had been with anyone. “I live with my parents. My dad came home drunk and started to get angry. So I had to leave fast before he started to hurt me. So this is where I am now.” “Do you need a place to stay and some warmer clothes?” “I could not, you would be giving me too much help.” “Yes I can.” Wonshik stood up and grabbed Leo he pulled him to the door. They started off to his house. When they got to his apartment, he opened the door and pulled Leo in. “Leo, make yourself at home.” Leo heard a little meow. He looked down and saw a gray and black cat. Leo leaned down to pet it. The cat came up right next to him. Wonshik came back with PJs and a blanket and pillow. “Leo all I have is the couch and I see Ori has found you.” Leo looked up from the cat. “He is really cute and sweet.” “Just wait until he wakes you up in the middle of the night.” A melodious laugh rang out though the house. Wonshik’s eyes widened. He had never heard such a wonderful sound. Wonshik shook off his surprise and threw the Pjs at Leo “Bathroom, though the bedroom, on your right.” Leo got up and moved towards the bathroom. Wonshik began to set up Leo’s bed. Once Leo came back the makeshift bed was complete. “Leo, get some sleep. Tomorrow we will deal with everything else.” Wonshik walked off to go to bed, himself. Little did he know that Leo would be there in his life for years to come?
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@Anonym sorry I am not but I am starting a new story that stars jackson wang
This is great! I hope you continue this story because I SO want to know what happens!!