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Gi’s been on her phone texting and when her phone rings she hands it over to you.
“Jagi, thank God. I’ve been so worried and going crazy stuck here. Mom says you’re being released tomorrow? You’re coming here right? I need you Jagi. I need to see that you are alright, I need to touch you and feel that you’re still with me.”
You can’t speak for a minute, you have tears clogging your throat and rolling down your cheeks. Gi reaches over and with a tender smile, wipes them away for you.
“Yes, we’re coming.” You look over at Lee, daring her to argue with you.
She sighs and nods, “Alright”.
You get back to the phone, you don't care what you ask him as long as you hear his voice.
“How are you? You’re really doing alright? Everything is healing correctly?”
You hear him chuckle softly, “Yes Jagi, I'm fine. My biggest problem right now is not having you with me.”
You smile, “I’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.”
“I’ll be waiting, Salanghae.”
You hand the phone back to Gi who smiles, knowing she’s won the battle from earlier. You just shake your head at her and give a little laugh. A mother’s best weapon? Her child, especially if it’s one that you’re in love with.
Gi tells you to smile and snaps a picture with her phone. You look at her, horrified.
She just laughs, “Oh honey, you could look like a decrepit corpse and he’d still think you the most beautiful thing in the world. He’s heard your voice; he just wants visual proof also.”
After a few clicks on her phone she stands to leave, “I think I should go rescue his father from him. You would think having you awake would make his attitude better.” She shakes her head in resignation, “Now he isn’t grouchy, he’s bossing everyone around making sure everything is ready for you tomorrow.”
She leans over and kisses you on the cheek, “I’ll be here in the morning to pick you and Lee up. So grateful to have you back with us!”
Eun says her goodbyes and leaves with Gi. Jaewoon was released a couple of weeks ago and they hired a private nurse to stay with and help them. Eun still hasn’t spoken to her parents and doesn’t think she ever will again. She’s sad yet says that she has always expected it; therefore, isn’t really surprised. She's more disappointed that they loved their contract more than their only daughter. She still has Jaewoon and says he is all she needs. You can agree with her; you don’t know what you would do if [HN] had died in that car accident. Even the thought puts you into a depression, it’s better not to think about it and just wait anxiously until you can see him tomorrow. You know you won’t be sleeping. You’ve been asleep for over a month, you’d rather the Doctor just discharge you now and let you go curl up in [HN]’s arms. He isn’t the only one that needs to verify life and reality.
After a restless night, you are dressed and waiting for the doctor by 7:30 am. He comes in, sees you and laughs.
“Anxious to leave us are you?"
"Very. Can you just sign my papers?”
“We need to check a few things first, have a little patience. You’ve been our guest here for over a month and now that you’re awake, you can’t wait to get rid of us? We are offended.”
You give him a polite smile and patiently wait while he checks your vitals and chart.
“Well, yes. Everything looks in good order. I’ll send the nurse in with your discharge papers. It’s been a pleasure serving you, let’s not do it again anytime soon alright?”
You smile and bow as he leaves the room.
Gi arrives before the nurse and rolls her eyes at you.
“How long have you been up?”
“I haven’t slept. Are you kidding me? I don’t need to sleep for another month! Besides, I’m anxious to get my hands on your son.”
Realizing what you just said you look up at her in horror. She simply giggles at you.
“The grumpy bear is back this morning. He’s been awake and bossing people around since 5 am. The sooner I get you home and he can get his hands on YOU, the happier EVERYONE will be.”
You knew you liked his mom, but you can now see that if things end up in forever, that you’ll have not only an awesome mother-in-law but a friend as well. The nurse arrives at the same time as Lee. Instructions are given, papers are signed and you are wheeled out to Gi’s waiting car.
The trip from the hospital to their home is only about thirty minutes. Thirty agonizing minutes; your stomach is a riot of marching ants and clawing crabs. You can’t seem to hold still but don’t want to annoy those in the car with you. As the car pulls up to a large, gated home you just stare at it in wonder. Gi looks over and pats your hand smiling.
“We did well for ourselves, but this is all [HN]. He’s a good son and takes care of those he loves.”
She parks to the side of the front steps and as you make your way out of the car, the front door swings open and there he stands. His bandages are gone from his face and there are just faint lines from the plastic surgery that look like they are already fading. His leg is in a cast; hence the crutches, but he is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid eyes on.
As anxious as you’ve been to see him and as gorgeous as he is standing there before you, you can’t seem to make your legs walk any faster. As you reach the steps, he drops his crutches and holds his arms out for you. That is all the motivation you neede as you walk into his arms and hold him tight against you.
He’s real, he’s safe, and he’s in your arms where he belongs.
@ElishaFisher that was deep
awe the feels
back where I belong. his mom is the best. wonder what's on Lee's mind now. but if this is the last installment I can totally live with that. forbidden is no longer forbidden, and I'm with the man I love.
Awe together again!💖💖💖
I'm almost crying.
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