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KPOP Bias: Do you know mine?


Monsta X


Or are you gonna guess? I don't really have a bias in B.A.P or SHINee. I really like their music, I'm just too obsessed with GOT7 and BTS to be adding more dudes to my feels. Feel free to tell me all about B.A.P and SHINee. ♥
More than one name can and will be accepted. ♥♥ Hint: I've made one or more cards about my bias of each group. I've collected all my cards in "A TerraToyaSi Original". Thanks to everyone who tagged me to do this.♥ I tag my friend @Viresse I invite "X" to guess my bias: @Helixx @mandyNoona @BBxGD @Sammie99522 @VatcheeAfandi99
I'll have to catch up on so much when I get back, including this, lol.
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