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Jimin Pics and Gifs
Just thought I'd bless someone's timeline but it's also for me lol
Lord bless the ppl who made this human being
...I'm gonna start speaking in tongues if this doesnt stop
if i ever meet any of them in person ESPECIALLY JIMIN there will be NO WORDS EXCHANGED I WILL JUST EXPLODE AND CEASE TO EXIST that is all
*credits to owners of pics and gifs* @EverieMisfit @Melz064 @Tabili @kookie49044
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@LemonLassie It's Chim, he has no chill. He doesn't know how to stay away.
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@Helixx so...i make him stay away. That was our deal. Im only allowed to look at him on Saturdays. lol Besides Joonie doesn't like when the cute guy comes in and steals his attention.
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@LemonLassie So how does Joonie feel about Squirrel boy?
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@Helixx he feels very uncomfortable because Squishy is older than him....and he doesn't know how to fight a hyung
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jimin is just a piece of yes馃憦馃憦馃憦馃槏馃槝馃槝
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