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Haters to the Left Playlist

For the people who say you aren't good enough, you aren't trying hard enough, you aren't worth anything.

Just plug in and listen to this. Drown out the haters.

Epik High - Born Hater

"These kids don’t rest with the gossiping
Man I’m everywhere like oxygen
I’m sorry but even your ex is my fangirl
Stop talking shit like you know this shit
I don’t need your feedback, honestly
Why do you and I have to talk about music?
The only thing you did to me is judge me
with a click of your mouse"

4Minute - Huh

"Forget all those words from here and there (huh huh huh huh)
Erase all the same dreams (huh huh huh huh)
Say huh!(huh) say huh!(huh) I do what I want and I do it my way
More than anybody else, it’s me it’s me I’m on the top"

BTS - Bapsae

"I’ve got a crow-tit’s legs, and you have a stork’s legs.
They all say their legs are worth a million bucks.
My legs are shorter, so how do you expect me to keep up?
They say it shouldn’t matter since we’re coming from the same place.
Never, never, never. Change the rules, change change.
The ones who came before us want to, want to maintain.
But we can’t do that, bang bang.
This ain’t normal."

GD - One of a Kind

"Because I’m different, because that’s just me,
because people go crazy over anything I do
Because I create trends, because I change everything
so this skill isn’t going anywhere"

CL - Baddest Female

"Yeah, I’m strong, very fierce (yao)
Someone like you can’t ever handle me (uh em)
I don’t have an ounce of jealousy in me
Even fortune tellers can’t figure out my heart (aha)"

Anyone had haters on them lately? TUNE THEM OUT!

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BEAPSAE is my Jam! 👍
a year ago·Reply
Listening to these make me feel like a badass that can take on some mfs
a year ago·Reply
😎*blocking out the haters*😎
a year ago·Reply
I endorse this playlist!
a year ago·Reply
Love!!! You have some of my absolute favorite songs in here! 😆
a year ago·Reply