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So... @happyrock , regarding your question about whether we can tour the Krubera Cave (the world's deepest cave): Not unless you have professional training and experience, because there are apparently 50+ ways to die while exploring a "supercave", including falling, hypothermia, electrocution, poisonous gas, mental breakdown, etc. What I found most interesting was this phenomenon called "the Rapture," where a person has a panic attack and feels the need to get out immediately (read below for more details!). "It is said that there are over 50 ways to die in a supercave. Falling is only the most obvious. Hypothermia, electrocution and sheer panic have all taken their victims. These cavers are underground for up to a month, as it takes a week to even get to the area where exploration can take place. During this time, they are usually in pitch darkness. They encounter pockets of poison gas, vast lakes and flooded chambers. Water levels can rise suddenly, if a flash storm occurs on the surface. There is no way to warn those below that this has happened. Temperatures can plummet or soar, often quite quickly. One of the biggest dangers of Krubera is freezing to death. Sounds echo in the vast systems. Bill Stone described a 150ft (46 meters) waterfall, in Mexico's secondest deepest cave, Huaulta. He said that the noise was like standing next to a jetliner's engine, for days on end, without being able to get away. Moreover the mind can play tricks on you down there. There is a phenomenom known as 'the Rapture'. It is not pleasant to experience. Supercave exploration taught us that every human being has a limit. It differs from person to person, but there is only so much darkness and depth that each of us can take. When that points is reached, a switch clicks in the brain and that individual is gripped by 'the Rapture'. It manifests as the biggest panic attack ever. They need to get out; and they need to get out NOW. No time for safety precautions. No consideration for the lives of your colleagues. It's fight and flight in overdrive. It's uncontrollable and they have to leave NOW! This, naturally, is a bit of a problem, when you are a week's arduous journey from the surface and there's no way back without a lot of skill and self-control." source: http://endlesscancun.blogspot.kr/2011/01/cheve-caving-equivalent-of-climbing.html
wow this is really interesting, also the movie 'the cave'' is really good
oh wow @happyrock definitely agree, even thinking about how the "rapture" feels like gives me the HEEBIE JEEBIES
@happyrock hmm...hypnotize maybe?
that is CRAZY! wow you're right the Rapture is so interesting. I can't even imagine how helpless you would feel if you suddenly were overcome with the need to get out.