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A/N: Okay guys so here is chapter 3 hope you guys enjoy. This chapter was a little hard to write since I didn't know exactly what to do with what I wanted to happen. Sorry if it was a little all over the place.
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I rubbed my eyes as I looked at the clock. "Oh. The dinner with Sooyung." I signed the last documents that were on my desk and grabbed my jacket as I made my way out. As I passed the secretary's desk I glared at her when I realized she was just on her phone gossiping,"Ms. Ahn this is not very professional. You don't have to come back tomorrow." I kept glaring at her as she got up,"Wh-What do you mean Mr. Jung? Please I need this job I will be a lot more attentive next time." I laughed,"I don't need anyone who do not take their job seriously you can pack up your stuff." I walked away hearing her sobs mixed with whispers from the rest of the employees currently on the floor. I walked into the elevator and texted Jin saying we needed a new secretary.
When I got to the parking lot I dialed Sooyung's number,"Hey hun, Where are you I'll pick you up for dinner." There was a long pause,"I can't have dinner with you tonight, how about tomorrow night?" I tilted my head trying to not sound annoyed,"Okay yeah I can do tomorrow night." There was a pause again,"Alright great bye babe." I looked down at my shoes,"Bye I lo-" Before I could finish the call had already ended. I looked at my phone and sighed. I made my way back inside the office when I bumped into Kurumi. She fell back and landed on her butt. I couldn't help but laugh,"Are you okay Ms.Sagasawa?" I held out a hand and helped her back up on her feet. She looked mad to the point that it was pretty funny.
"I'm fine and please stop laughing, Mr. Jung this is kind of embarrassing." I saw her turn bright red. I tried not to laugh but seeing her mad and embarrassed was pretty funny. I looked at the time on my watch,"Why are you still here? Your shift should've ended hours ago." She looked a bit uncomfortable,"That is none of your business and I am actually on my way out." As I was about to invite her to dinner a bunch of girls passed by and bowed to me and scowled at Kurumi. "I see you do not take your time in making enemies." She gave me a scowl,"Thanks I try." She said sarcastically. I didn't like her attitude but it was kind of refreshing that someone is gutsy enough to talk to me as if though I don't hold their life in my hands. I guess being a genius and all any company would love to hire her. "So where are you off to?" She shook her head,"No where just ho- to my new apartment." I was skeptical but I ignored that weird pause. "Want to grab some dinner Ms. Sagasawa? I want to get to know more about our newest recruit."
I was skeptical about how he wanted to eat dinner after the way we had met earlier but I really wanted to be anywhere but in that new apartment that my dad had gotten me." Sure, I was going to get dinner anyways." He smiled at me and my heart started clenching again. I should seriously see the doctor. This has got to be some type of disease. "Alright we can use my car since you don't seem to have a car." I rolled my eyes,"Yeah sorry my car is still in Japan. I kind of just arrived today. Even if I did have a car I can't drive it yet my license is only for the regions of Japan." He chuckled a bit then began walking and stopped in front of a sleek black BMW. "He opened the drivers door," Aren't you going in?" I nodded and got into his car and immediately put on my seat belt.
The drive to the restaurant was a bit quiet and awkward but I knew he was not in the mood for talking at least that's what his face showed. When we got there he had already made reservations,"Wow you are a meticulous man." He looked a little down,"No just had plans with my fiance but she cancelled last minute." I looked down and fiddled with my fingers,"I'm sorry about that I am sure she had a great reason to why she cancelled." He looked straight ahead as the waiter lead us to our table,"It's just she's kind of been cold lately I just want to know why." I bit my lip, it's a thing I do when I am extremely uncomfortable and nothing makes me more uncomfortable than relationship problems.When we sat down he immediately opened his menu and I did the same. After a minute or two he looked up, "Did you choose something?" I nodded. Then he called the waiter," Good evening I'd take the Fresh Grilled Salmon and a bottle of Dom Perignon." They then turned to me," I'd take the Lemon Grilled Halibut and a glass of fresh strawberry lemonade. Thank you."
"So how was your first day at XYZ corporation?" I sighed,"Great as you saw earlier I made lots of friends." I chuckled,"I did enjoy the work having a lab that allows me to relieve my stress." He looked at me with a confused look,"You use working as a stress reliever?" I nodded as the waiter set out two champagne glasses and filled one of them with champagne and before he could fill the other, which I was guessing was supposed to be for me, I interrupted him,"Oh, I'm sorry I am underage and is not allowed to drink." The waiter then apologized and took my glass. Mr. Jung then chuckled a little,"I'm sorry I forgot you are not over 19." I smiled and shook my head,"It's fine." Our food then arrived and I began to eat,"This is great food." He laughed,"Yeah its better than usual. So how did you get here?" I looked at him puzzled,"What do you mean?" I said as I took a sip of my lemonade. "Like your intellectual abilities, how did you get so smart?" I thought for a second," For attention. I wanted my dad's attention that on my free time I would study and next thing I knew it became a habit. Studying on the weekends taking advancement tests. Next thing I knew I was across the stage at 14 with a PHD in medicine and a degree in business by 18." I chuckled. "Do you regret it?" I shook my head," I never regret anything."
The rest of the dinner was just me and him making small talk we both learned something about one another. Like how he had a younger sister who is my age and is preparing for college entrance exams and he learned that I am a triplet. Where one of my sisters is an art prodigy while the other is a music prodigy. "I guess your family is very capable and talented." I shrugged," Studying isn't exactly a talent just a skill. Nothing like creating a piece so great you are being called as the next Da Vinci or being dubbed as the next Beethoven." He put a smile," Graduating and earning a degree at a young age is special in it itself." But not enough for father. He would've preferred if I was being dubbed as the next Einstein. To him I was mediocre. Dinner ended and he took me home. Of course he wasn't driving, since he had downed the whole bottle of Dom Perignon. He had called Jin to come and drive us both home. He left his car there and had told his family driver to pick it up.
The ride to my apartment was more pleasant than I had thought. Jin was wondering why I was having dinner with Mr. Jung and I told him what had happened. He then smiled with that sweet smile and I blushed. And once again my heart started clenching. Like seriously I need to get this checked. I took out my phone and texted my butler and told him to prepare my pajama and to make an appointment for the doctors tomorrow. I then looked at Mr. Jung who had been looking out the window. "I'm sure she had her reasons Mr. Jung." He gave a small laugh,"Thanks and you can just call me Hoseok." I smiled,"You can just call me Kurumi then." I looked out my window the rest of the way. We then finally arrived I bowed and Jin waved goodbye before driving off. I then thought of Hoseok and I though to myself that maybe he is not that bad of a guy. I walked into my apartment and I realized that my home phone had a voicemail but I took a deep breathe as I walked into my room promising to listen to it after I changed. So I headed to my room changed into my pajamas and totally forgetting about the voicemail I laid down on my bed and before I even knew it my eyes were closed I had drifted off to sleep.
"Ms. Kurumi, breakfast is ready your clothes are in the bathroom and you have an appointment for the doctors after work. Would you like me to pick you up from work?" Satoshi, my butler, had said as he opened my blinds. I covered my eyes blinded from the sun and my voice still a little raspy from waking up," Thanks Satoshi. And please do come by I think I'll get lost if I went on my own." I got off my bed and headed to the bathroom. Today's outfit was a white chiffon button up, a black pencil skirt,and a black and white over sized bag."As usual Satoshi has great fashion sense would've never put this outfit together." I touched the bag,"I didn't even know I had this." So I then got changed, brushed my teeth, did my hair, and put on my make-up. When I got to the kitchen Satoshi was standing there and pulled my chair out as I sat down,"For breakfast we have toast, orange marmalade, and earl grey tea." I smiled and then I spread marmalade on my toast and took a sip of tea. When I finished breakfast it was half past 7, "Thank you Satoshi, breakfast was delicious as usual." He gave a sweet smile and bowed. He then handed me a bento and a thermos. "In it is your favorite scones, fruit sandwiches and some fruit. For your afternoon tea it's chamomile." I smiled,"Thanks Satoshi."As we headed out he laid out a white 1/2 in. heels with a black sole and I slipped into them. We then headed to the apartment parking lot and I got into the car as he dropped me off at work. "Once again Ms. Kurumi I apologize for not being able to pick you up yesterday at the airport since Ms. Kanna needed assistance in Belgium." I smiled,"It's fine. Thank you for dropping me off. I'll wait here after work." He nodded and drove off.
I headed towards the elevator looking for my badge in my purse when I bumped into somebody. "Woah sorry, I should have been watching my step but I was looking for-." The person interrupted me,"It's fine it was also partly my fault for not paying attention." I looked up and saw a man smiling at me who I was guessing did not work here but had a very beautiful smile. I bowed and as I continued to walk to the elevator I heard someone call his name,"Jimin how did it go?" I had gotten into the elevator before I heard the rest of their conversation.
The minute I got off the elevator Taehyung was there waiting for me,"Morning princess." I tilted my head,"What?" Then Jungkook popped up,"He saw you with your butler earlier. Why didn't you tell us you're one of the young ladies in the house of the King of Tokyo?" I started heading to my desk as they followed me," You didn't ask." I then placed my bag on my chair and smiled as I put my lab coat on heading for the laboratory,"Now let's get to work guys." They looked at each other and Taehyung opened his mouth,"Already?" I nodded and smiled,"Yup hard work pays off well Tae." He sighed heavily and the three of us started working on our research on the newest age defying serum.
I ripped my eyes from the microscope and then I jot down any changes that I had seen as I added an ingredient, carefully observing any negative reaction that may result in hazardous effects on the skin of our loyal customers. I went back to seeing the ingredients on a molecular level. "Hey Kurumi, it's already 3 p.m. aren't you going to eat or take a break?" I looked up and it was Jungkook,"Oh shoot. Where did the time go it was just 9 am?" I sighed and smiled at Jungkook,"You might just be a workaholic." I rolled my eyes at his remark,"Well I'll go eat after I clean up here. I'll meet you and Tae then okay?" He nodded and I began cleaning up carefully placing my notebook on my desk and made my way to the lunchroom. I then saw Jungkook, some girl, Tae and Soo Kyung in one table. I felt uncomfortable as I sat down with Tae and Jungkook. "Uh. Who said you can sit there?" I looked at Soo Kyung,"I am here to eat with Jungkook and Tae not you so..." Soo Kyung and the girl laughed at me,"What's so funny?" Soo Kyung grabbed Tae's hand and the other girl grabbed Jungkook's,"Well I don't think that our boyfriends should be hanging out with some nerdy girl." I looked at Tae and Jungkook," Aren't you guys going to say something." Tae sighed,"Kurumi, Jungkook and I really like these girls so please just go somewhere else and don't ruin this for us?" I gave a small laugh in my disbelief then I said in Japanese, knowing they wouldn't understand," Okay, I don't need to deal with traitors and rude women anyways." When I turned back all I heard was laughing then the girls flirting with them. It's okay Kurumi, you don't need people who would abandon friendship for girls with such ugly personalities. This is why I never get involved with other people knowing these situations will happen. I then took a seat at an empty table and took a sip of my chamomile tea. Just what I needed to relax. I looked at the clock, just 1 more hour before I get out of work.
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