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Every year, the town of Petaluma, California hosts the World's Ugliest Dog Contest, the highlight of the Sonoma-Marin Fair.

Dog owners from all over the world are invited to submit their dog in the contest, where they are judged based on "bad appearance, including stench, poor complexion and a host of other inherited and acquired maladies".

This year's winner was SweePee Rambo, a 17-year-old Chinese-crested chihuahua owned by Jason Wurtz of Encino, California.

SweePee not only one an enormous trophy, but $15,000 prize money, which her owner is using to remove a tumor on her gumline. She also is getting a hefty amount of press - which also included an appearance on Good Morning America!

Am I the only one who thinks that SweePee is actually kind of cute?

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@StarRainTearBow LOL Everyone would think the dog had rabies.
@danidee haha thats awesome
Is this an excuse for some people to purposely not properly groom their dogs as they age? NOT saying this happened but just a curiosity. SweePee is, cute... but personally I think it must find it really hard to do things on its own. :O
@Narissatayy HAHAHAHA I don't think he neglected his dog. Chinese crested chihuahuas actually have won ugly dog contests a LOT in the past few years. I think they're just kind of an ugly breed lol.
No no no no not saying this person neglected it, just saying this can opt some owners of numerous dogs to neglect hygiene MAYBE to help them win. was all I was curious about, just a thought.