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This is why I go to sleep every night gently caressing a bean, cheese, and rice burrito.

What do you want to snuggle up with?

rofl!!!! this card is hilarious! i guess i'd snuggle with my stuffed animals if i had a bigger bed. i have so many and i treat them like my babies *bashful smile* and yeah thats prolly pretty weird for a 22 year old girl in college XD
@iixel @danidee hooray! im not weird! :) when did you get your pillow pet?! i've wanted one but my ma is always ridiculing me for it lol
@lovelikematoi I do the same thing and I'm 22 lol I have Squishable ( I think that's what its called) dragon and a couple of pillow pets chilling on my bed. And a rabbit, bear, and Mr. Mousey lol
@lovelikematoi Bahahaha that's not bad! I think a girl can never be too old to snuggle with snuffed animals.
I love BamBam from got7 put I can't cuddle with him. And I don't know anyone well enough to love them
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