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I just want to say hi to everyone. I'M TRYING TO MAKE AN EFFORT. I PROMISE! This card is going to contain nothing but Xero. Why you ask? Because he's Ultimate Bias! And I love him! Hehe. Love you guys!
I love him. He has my entire heart locked up so completely and I just.... let him have it.
Not too much. Cause I have claws. I kinda like to keep them hidden though. XD
This card has no other purpose though. Although I love sharing his beauty. (LOOK AT HIM) I thought this card needed to exist and look! Now it does. :-D But now... My bed is calling me. It's after 3am. I also want to add that I, as well as @Tigerlily84 and @AimeeH are using a combined Topp Klass Taglist so please let us know if you'd like to be added!
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I watched them saying English names and I loved their OST for Please Come Back Mister and you're right why be too deep when you can't come out. :) I'm coming ToppDogg
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@XergaB20 you know me, I know how to admire from afar. Just like looking at a painting in a museum.
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@Tigerlily84 That's the reason why I allow your drool. XD
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@XergaB20 馃槝
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@sarahdarwish They will welcome you with open arms! Them saying English names was awesome! I laughed so hard I cried. XD
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