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모든 means every or all and its a VERY important word to know!

(pronounced moh-deun)

It's used a lot in Kpop:

Listen at 1:21 머리부터 발끝까지 모든 걸!

(meo-ri bu-teo bal-kkeut-kka-ji mo-deun geol!)

From your head to your toes, everything!

Listen at 0:43

내 모든 걸 다 주고 싶어

(nae mo-deun geol da ju-go ship-eo)

I want to give you my all

And it's used a lot in food!

모든 만두

(mo-deun man-du)

A selection of many types of dumplings

(you learned this on my previous mandu card, right?!)

모든 튀김

(mo-deun twee-gim)

A selection of fried things

(usually shrimp, sweet potato, pepper, etc)

모든 김밥

(mo-deun kim-bap)

Kimbap with a ton of extra ingredients inside!

Usually egg, some meat, pepper, cheese, etc!

모든 전

(mo-deun jeon)

A selection of Korean pancakes

Usually kimchi, spring onion, potato, mung bean, etc!

Just trust me, LEARN IT!

Which 모든 food looks the best?!

모든 만도
다! i love all! ugh craving
listen to shinees song ayo also. they say it a few times in the chorus it's where I first learned it.
모든 김밥
the pancakes one
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