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I came across a makeup post today that was described as "witchy makeup" and wasn't really sure what that meant. Searching the term just led me to what I'd consider grunge or goth styling, but I can see where "witchy" makeup might be a little lighter & more playful - just giving you an otherwordly or magical touch! After all, the witches walk among us, just barely different ;)

Anyways, regardless of what it really is, I'm digging these looks & plan to use them for inspiration!

This is the post I saw!

Redditor shy_bae shared her photo and I just love the combo of the hat, darker lips & pastel eyes. Something really magical about it all when put together!
I think the key to getting this "look" is to just make yourself seem a bit out of the ordinary. And I mean that in a totally positive way! Big eyes, thick lashes, dark lips + the hair on this look are just so fun when all put together! Plus, the dress really adds to the gothic styling appeal.
Personally, I think pastel or purple glittery eyes for a look like this would be perfect if you don't want to do dark eyes! Something about shiny purple just feels so magical :)
A more classic goth looks works well, too! Dark red lips & white/black cut crease eyes can give the vibe you might wanna try.
You can also do a more classic modern twist on the goth look - do a think interesting wing to give some interest to the eyes, and pair with a darker red that's not too dark!
Another fun twist that I feel is the kind of "witchy" I want to try! Dark red lips with a brick eye that's dark, but not toooo dark!
One way to make your look feel really magical should be obvious: just add glitter! Dark lips, dramatic eyes & lots of glitter help this look really get the witch vibe. Love it!
You can also go for glitter with purple which is pretty much perfect in my opinion if you're comfortable with really dramatic, stand out looks. Love love love how this wears!

So, would you wanna try a witch-y look?

@Animaniafreak me either honestly. I think it really differs by person and whether or not this is their lifestyle or just one of the many looks they love.
Other than the nose ring, I'm gamed! Like the glitter and purple/green spring colours, kinda mystical. At first I thought witchy makeup just another gothic - predominately black and white, but apparently not so. I still don't quite grasp the essence of this style though...
tbh, this is darkly magical, and I am a FAN!! 😍 But I am inspired more from a photoshoot p.o.v., but I can see a niche v. inspired personally! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘