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Sorry for how short it is, this was actually my very first fan fic I started to write....never finished though lol. Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy
Chapter 1 Jungkook Pov: There she is again... her long curly hair blowing in the wind. She fixes her scarf to cover her face. Next day: Where'd she go? She was always sitting at the convenience store window around 5, but she wasn't there. Did she already leave? I continued walking, but I hear a familiar voice. "Is it Mark hyung?" I think to myself. "Y/n, wait up!" her friend called. "Oppa," she says. Her voice sounded so sweet, but who was she calling? "Wanna go to the studio? " he asks. "Arasseo, oppa" she agrees I turn around to see who it was... *MARK* my eyes open in shock. He goes to grab her hand but she puts quickly puts them in her pocket. How could he. He's the only one that knows who she is and that I like her. How long has he known her? Does she know about me. I rushed across the street, trying to get away. *So that's her name, it's so beautiful. I blush just by the thought of her*.
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