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“You know we don’t have to, if you don’t want to,” he murmurs, his fingers curled gently around your hips. You smile at the irony, that he’s saying this when he’s close enough that his breath ghosts across your mouth, with his forehead on yours and his hands pulling your hips against his. Not that you don’t want to and feel pressured but how are you supposed to be able to tell him to stop when you can practically feel his fingers burning holes in your skirt? “Would you stop second guessing me?” you smile, finally looking up at him. “Xingie, I’m sure. I wouldn’t have told you I was if I wasn’t.” Yixing smiles, his thumbs starting to rub soothing circles into your hip and dipping just below the waistband of your skirt with each pass. His touch leaves searing trails on your skin but you don’t have time to calm yourself before Yixing’s mouth is on yours, pressing chastely against your lips. Your heart thuds against your ribs as you wrap your arms around his chest, tilting your head to kiss him deeper. His hands move from their spot on your hips so that his arms can circle your waist and pulling you in closer, until you’re standing between his parted legs. The sudden rush of being so thoroughly sandwiched against him makes you bold and you end the chasteness of the kiss when you sink your teeth lightly into his bottom lip. Yixing starts in surprise and, to your chagrin, pulls away. Anxiety instantly claws at your belly as you open your eyes. “I’m sorry,” you immediately say, “I don’t even know if you like biting, I shouldn’t have –” Yixing smashes his mouth back over yours, cutting off your anxieties with heart stopping kisses that you can feel all the way down to your toes. “You are perfect,” he murmurs into your mouth and smile. “But let me lead? You shouldn’t have to do the work your first time.” There’s a mingled sense of relief and lust that rushes through you and you’re almost certain yours palms are sweating because it’s one thing to hear about sex everywhere you go, to read about it and see it on TV, but it’s an entirely different thing to have one of the most beautiful men you’ve ever met gazing at you like he wants to devour you and it makes your body respond so passionately, it scares you. Your heart’s beating so fast, you think it might give out and your legs tremble when Yixing reclaims your lips, hands coming up to cup your face gently. He kisses you soundly, tilting his head as he licks into your mouth and stealing your breath away so fast there’s barely any time before you have to pull away to gasp. “Hold on tightly okay?” he murmurs as his hands trail from your face down to your shoulders. You frown in confusion but don’t get to voice your question before arms are wrapped around your waist and he’s hoisting you up high. A squeak leaves your throat and your legs automatically circle his hips as your hands clutch at his shoulders. Yixing laughs, holding you close. “Trust me, baby, I’ve got you,” he smiles as he turns. True to his word, Yixing doesn’t stumble at all on his trip from the living room to his bedroom and when he sets you down on his bed, it’s with a gentleness that borders on reverence. Your legs fall from around him, letting him pull back to tug his shirt over his head. Your mouth goes dry as your heart jumps into your throat and while part of you screams to touch him, to hide your inexperience, you find yourself frozen in the sheets. Yixing smirks, crawling over you menacingly and settling between your parted legs. One hand teases just under the seam of your skirt while he rests his weight on the other elbow, hovering just far enough away that you’re not touching. Anticipation burns in the pit of your stomach and as much as you want to focus on the way his eyes are blazing, you can’t draw your attention away from the mindless patterns being traced into your thigh. “Do me a favor?” he breathes, the hand on your leg sliding higher. Your breath hitches but you manage to hum out your question. “Never look at another man the way you just looked at me.” Before you have a chance to stutter out a response, his face is buried in the crook of your neck, mouthing at the skin there. You gasp, your head arching backwards to give him more room. His tongue burns wet trails up the column of your throat to your ear, where Yixing nips a hickey into the space between your earlobe and your hairline before continuing back down. A part of you that growing increasingly smaller feels bad that you’re not taking care of him just as well but he doesn’t give you a single opening to turn the tables on him. The moment you get your hands on his middle and you think you can toss him off you and top him instead, his teeth sink into your collarbone and your mind gets wiped of any conscious thought of the way he makes your body burn. “Yixing, please, more,” you breathe, your hips bucking upwards instinctively. There’s a chuckle and then the hand on your leg vanishes. You almost protest except it curls around your waist, his thumb pushing your top upward. The arm by your head disappears to join the other as he pulls backward so he can press his mouth against your stomach. You squeak, unsure if the sensation is ticklish or pleasurable, but Yixing doesn’t let up, even when you thrash a little and giggle. “My baby is so ticklish,” he chuckles, scattering lighter and lighter kisses up towards your rib cage and making you squeal with laughter. Yixing smiles, looking more like his angelic self as his dimple shows, and his fingers press into your sides, making you scream. “Stop, stop, please,” you giggle breathlessly, shoving at his hands in desperation. “Would you prefer I do this?” he asks, his voice dropping back down an octave as he nips at the skin just below where your bra ends. You moan in surprise, your back arching under his mouth. You can feel the way his lips curl back into a smirk against your skin. He takes the opportunity presented by the distance between your back and the mattress to slide his hands under you. A moment of slight fumbling later and the bra’s open, being push up above your breasts. Yixing wastes no time licking up to your nipple, closing his lips around it, and sucking until you cry out, your fingers tangling in his hair to keep him from pulling away. He leaves the bud sensitive, peaked, and wet, and you protest only until he moves to get the same treatment to the other. His thumb finds the first one, rubbing it absently until you’re sure that there’s actual sparks pricking your skin. You finally look down, panting as you meet Yixing’s gaze. He looks at you hungrily, eyes hooded and dark in a way that’s totally different from his usual sleepy look. A moment later, he’s lunging forward to kiss you again and your hand finds the hair at the back of his neck, pulling him in as your tongue meets his. His hands don’t leave your chest and your pant into his mouth, little kitten noises escaping the back of your throat every time he tweaks one of the small buds. You can feel how soaked your underwear has gotten and there’s a burning need between your legs that grows more demanding with every scrape of Yixing’s teeth across your lip. When your hips finally buck up high enough to collide with his, he pulls away from you mouth with a shaky breath. It’s somewhat of a relief to know that he’s just as affected as you are. “You still okay?” he murmurs, the lust in his eyes only somewhat tempered by concern. “I’ll be just fine if you hurry up,” you smile, needing something to soothe the ache between your legs. Yixing smirks again. “Patience, baby,” he warns as his hands slide back down your sides to your hips. His head dips away from your mouth to press kisses down your throat. This time, he leaves your reddened nipples alone, making a path between your breasts instead and continuing down towards your belly button. You know exactly what his plan is now and your thighs tremble in anticipation. Yixing flips your skirt up, revealing your underwear, and presses a tender kiss to your hip before biting down hard enough to leave a mark. You whine, wiggling desperately. He chuckles darkly, curling his fingers into the waistband of your panties and dragging them downwards. Your heartbeat races and you’re sharply aware of the cloth moving against your skin the whole time until Yixing tosses them away. He slides your legs over his shoulders, his hands curling around your hips with enough pressure for you to know he’s not going to let you move very much during this. You glance down and flush at the heated look in his eyes as he gazes back up at you from between your thighs. “Ready?” he breathes, lust dripping from his voice. Such a simple question shouldn’t send your whole body into overdrive, but it does – your breath comes out in a sharp gasp as you try to choke out an affirmative. You don’t think you get an understandable one out but Yixing takes it nonetheless, dipping his head down slowly. It seems like an eternity that happens in a second before his tongue flicks out over your clit and electricity races up your spine. The next pass of his tongue makes your back arch and drags a shuddering, gasping cry from your throat. Your reaction spurs Yixing into action and your senses are suddenly assaulted with his licking into your folds, from quick flicks over your clit to long, slow drags over your entire core. Your cries increase in volume sharply when he parts your fold to push his tongue inside you. You find yourself teetering on the edge embarrassingly fast, and you tell him so as your hands meet his hair. He releases your hips to stop you from ripping his hair, tangling his fingers with yours as he returns to focus on your clit, sucking hard as your cries rise further in pitch. “Yixing, oh god, yes, I-I’m gonna – oh,” you groan, squeezing Yixing’s hands until you’re sure you’ve cut off circulation to his fingers. But the growing tension in your belly is about to snap at you don’t care about anything as your hips move desperately against his tongue. You’re so close so snapping and Yixing doesn’t let up and there’s so much stimulation, you think it might actually be too much and you fear your body’s just going to shut down instead of cum. Your fears are laid to rest with one last, hard suck of your clit. You wail as the tension snaps, your toes curling tightly as you thrash under his continued ministrations. Yixing licks further and further into you, sending waves of lightning tipped pleasure shocks up your spine. Your whole body is tense for what seems like a minute before going absolutely limp, sinking boneless into the sheets. It’s only then that Yixing slows to a stop, smirking as he untangles himself from your legs. You gasp for air as he crawls back up your body, his lips dancing across your stomach, chest, and neck. When he finally reaches your mouth, he hesitates for only a second before reconnecting your lips and though you’re not entirely convinced you like the last of yourself but the romantic inside you decides that if it’s on his lips, you’ll take it. “I want you,” he breathes as his hands press desperately into your hips. You can’t feel his erection at your angle, but the feeling of finger-shaped bruises forming on your skin tells you enough. “Then have me,” you whisper, unable to meet his eyes. As much as you’re hopelessly turned on right now, it makes your heart beat too fast to meet his gaze right now. Yixing seems to understand, kissing you firmly one last time before pulling away. You scoot back until you’re resting on your elbows and watch as he unbuckles his belt and shucks both his pants and boxers aside. He’s harder than you expected, his cock curving towards his stomach, and it makes you blush, your gaze dropping. You watch as he leans back over you, his arms sliding between your own arms and your body and he uses his nose to nudge your head upwards until your lips are back on his. He forces you flat on your back, sliding between your legs, and you wonder when the temperature started skyrocketing. His body molds to yours and you feel him now, amazingly hard against your hips and your mind starts racing as fast as your heart. “We don’t have to do this,” he whispers again but his hips are already rocking steadily against yours. “I want to, I do,” you murmur back. “I’m just nervous.” “I won’t hurt you,” he promises, nibbling marks into your neck. “That’s not what I’m scared of,” you reassure him. “I trust you.” “Completely?” he asks. “Always,” you smile. You’re not sure what gives you the courage to continue, but something in your mind makes an uncharacteristic leap of faith. “You wanted to lead me, lead me.” Yixing groans quietly in the back of his throat but a moment later, hands are forcing your legs wider apart and there’s a sudden pressure at your entrance. You’ve been told all your life that there’s supposed to be pain and blood the first time you have sex but you’re far too turned on for that, and the slickness of your folds eases the process. A moment later, Yixing’s buried inside you, his body shaking with the exertion of restraint as his hips meet yours. “Oh god,” you breathe, swearing you could feel him your throat. “Are you all right?” he asks in a tight voice. “I will be when you move,” you gasp. He makes a pleased noise and suddenly, his length is being dragged glacially out of you, inch by inch. And as much as you love feeling every single bit of his cock, you need more. But your begging only gets a chuckle and silencing kiss. “This isn’t gonna be a quick fuck, baby girl,” he chuckles as he pauses, only half back inside you. You whine, wiggling your hips, but he doesn’t budge. “No, I’m going to take my time making love to you as you deserve for your first time.” You whimper his name in protest and he buries himself sharply, cutting off your drawn-out whines. “You wanted me to lead,” he reminds you, using his hand to tip your chin upwards until you’re forced to look him in the eye. “Follow.” Your voice sticks in your throat at the intensity of his gaze and something akin to triumph flits across his feature before his head dips and your eyes slides closed automatically, returning the kiss. Your hand tangles in his hair, keeping him close, and he resumes his movements carefully. The slow buildup is gloriously painful, satisfying you just enough for you to realize how much more you need. Yixing’s hands flutter around your body for a moment before he finally gives in and sets them firmly on the bed for support. Still, he doesn’t let up kissing you, pressing his lips against every part of your body he can reach. “Yixing, Yixing, Yixing,” you chant breathlessly. Part of you wants to kiss him back just as much, but he doesn’t give you a chance. He kisses so randomly, you can’t be sure that you could return the favor without somehow slamming your head into his. “I love you, _______-ah,” he responds, leaning over your to claim your lips. You gasp your response into his mouth a moment after he’s shifted his weight to find your clit with his fingers. As if the tension building up in your body from his slow pace wasn’t enough, the added stimulation of slow circles into the bundle of nerves has you almost screaming in an overwhelmed mix of pleasure and frustration. Yixing picks up his pace without warning and you almost convulse underneath him, his pleasure feeding yours. Your moans peak in pitch and your nails cut into his shoulders. Yixing lets out a pained groan and pinches your clit in response. Your walls clench and flutter around his length as you spiral closer and closer to release. Yixing himself starts groaning louder, the breath ghosting across your ear and neck. He’s too far gone at this point to continue his scattering of kisses across your skin, but the pleasure doesn’t abate at all. “Please, Yixing, I’m so close,” you beg, your hands sliding from his shoulders to his neck. “Hang on, baby,” he murmurs, his fingers finally – finally – quickening on your clit. You cry out and Yixing slams into your with a vehemence that catches you entirely off guard and that’s all you need. You scream his name, clutching him tightly not with your nails, but with your arms, winding them tightly around his as you shake and cum. Yixing plants his arms into the bed the moment your walls start clenching rhythmically around him, his face buried in your neck as he lets out the sweetest cry you’ve ever head. The sensation of his cum inside you makes your head spin and although you’re on birth control, the slight fear sends you higher in pleasure, of all things. When you’re both calming down, breathing hard into each other’s skin and Yixing’s gone soft inside you but his weight still feels good. He starts pulling out and you lock your ankles around his back. “Baby?” he asks hesitantly, pulling back to look at you. “I – uhm sorry,” you murmur, suddenly embarrassed about your desire to keep him inside you. Still, you feel like you’re going to be incomplete when he pulls away. Yixing watches you closely, his gaze searching your features before he smiles. “How do you feel about sleeping like this baby?” he giggles. “I like being inside you.” You blush, knowing exactly why he’s asking, but you take the out he gives you with a smile. Yixing takes a long moment to just look at you, a half-smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “What?” you demand, unable to the smile off your own face. “You’re just intoxicating,” he grins. “Every little thing that you do makes my heart race.” “Stop,” you laugh, slapping his shoulder playfully. “You’re gonna make me blush.” “I’ve already done that a few times tonight,” he smirks, raising an eyebrow suggestively. You gape at his words until Yixing bursts into cute laughter, his dimple finally making an appearance as he rolls, staying locked inside you. When the giggles die down, and it does take a while, Yixing nudges your forehead with his and you look up with a small smile. “As much as I’d love to spend the rest of my life inside you, it’s gonna be weird to sleep like this,” he sighs. “Well, if it’ll be weird,” you sigh playfully, unlocking your ankles from around him. He slides out of you and you let out a shuddering whine at the sudden emptiness. Yixing seems to take a moment to collect himself as well before kissing the tip of your nose. “I love you,” he whispers again. “I love you too, baby,” you smile back. “Can we have round two in the morning?” he asks, biting his lip playfully as he looks at you. “How do you keep expecting me to say no to these questions when you always follow them by doing something stupidly sexy?” “Because I don’t want you to say no,” he laughs, cuddling you tight enough to tuck your head under his chin. “But don’t think I wouldn’t immediately stop if you did.” “I know you would,” you reassure him. “That’s why I don’t say no.” You watch him process your words and look up with a sort of amazement in his eyes when he understands. “You are going to be the death of me,” he growls happily.
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