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So many American artists started out on YouTube, but did you know quite a few Korean idols did the same?

Here is a list of the known YouTube channels :)

Jae from Day6

Jae from Day6 had a ton of fans pre debut thanks to his awesome acoustic covers he would put up on YouTube starting in 2010!
Check it out here!

Vernon from Seventeen

He actually started out super young (which makes sense, cause he's STILL super young lol) and made videos as a kid with the help of his parents. The original channel is gone, but here's one video that survives!

Eric Nam

Eric was discovered with the help of these videos thanks to his insane voice. He had a big following, and some of the songs are still up on his official channel here!


Ailee also got discovered over Youtube where she was picked up by US talk shows like Maury. After that she headed to Korea to pursue a full-time entertainer career!
Check it out here!

Young K from Day6

Growing up in Canada, Young K and a few friends made a Youtube channel to upload covers, random vlogs, and original songs. Now, one of his friend's runs it, but there are a few great Young K videos here! They even made a video for his debut (making fun of him hahahahhahaa) HERE!


Going as Serine originally, she vlogged through her trainee days and was super open about the whole process! She vlogs less now but still has really cool videos talking about everything from a day in the life of an idol, to going through the audition process.
Check her out here!

Who would YOU subscribe to?

BTOB Peniel had a predebut account too and also Minzy!
Vernon has more video's that we have some how dug up.his little sister also makes YouTube videos as well
I'm pretty sure I saw Ailee singing on Maury... her voice gives me the chills because it's so amazing
I'd subscribe to all of them 😄
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