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Can You Guess My Biases
ok so i will add Up10♡ 2 = SS5o1 ♡ 2= SuJu♡ 4 = CnBlue ♡ 1 = Infinite ♡ 3 = the numbers represents how many biases i have in that group. ok for most groups tho i do have bias wreckers too. so if u guess it i will let it go.
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@IsoldaPazo see. so i gave people more groups to try and guess.
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@Starbell808 I shall guess after work jaja
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@Starbell808 I will definitely guess later today when I have a little free time this is cute though! 💗
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I'll try to guess some, but this is too hard to guess all lol ..... Big Bang - TOP, BAP - Zelo & Daehyun, BTS - Rap Mon & Jimin, EXO - Sehun/TAO/Luhan/Chanyeol, Got7 - Jackson, Vixx - N/Leo, SHINee - Taemin, iKon - B.I, Monsta X - Wonho & Jooheon, WINNER - Mino & Taehyun, Day6 - Jae, Seventeen - Vernon?, 2PM - Wooyoung & Taecyeon, BTOB - Minhyuk/Peniel, CNBlue - Jonghyun, Infinite - L?
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@MonAnnahiX ok u did well.
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